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Seeking Artist For Comedy Comic "Fun N Games"
Hunterkirizaki at 1:06PM, March 23, 2010
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Hey, I'm Hunter Kirizaki, a writer here on Drunkduck. I'm looking for an artist to help me with a webcomic idea I've been working on. It's a humorous, lighthearted 4-panel comic about the antics of Nyan the catgirl and Serpes the lizard guy as they go about during the middle ages, seeking fun and excitement.

I'm looking for an artist who can do once- to twice-weekly updates. Only apply if you know you can handle at least weekly updates. I also request you have AIM or MSN. My AIM is cutjim10 and my MSN is

Here's a script sample.

Panel 1

Nyan and Serpes look over at some mirrors standing alongside the street. There’s a vendor behind them who’s selling them.

Panel 2

Nyan and Serpes start making weird faces in front of the mirror, having fun.

Panel 3

Nyan jumps as the mirror suddenly cracks.

Panel 4

Nyan hides behind Serpes. She’s whimpering something to herself. The vendor looks really wide eyed and surprised at the mirror which just randomly cracked.

Nyan – “It’s haunted!”

If you're interested, post here, add me on one of the messengers and shoot me a message, or send me a PQ. You can also e-mail me at (the same as my MSN).

- Hunter Kirizaki
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