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Somnium Agnitio (Writer Seeking Artist)
Hunterkirizaki at 1:42PM, April 9, 2009
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Hey. I'm Hunter Kirizaki, writer of comics like The Burned, Voices, and soon to be Agur Arrats. I've recently had a new idea that I really like and would love to see turned into a comic. The comic idea is called Somnium Agnitio, Somnium being latin for “dream, fancy, day-dream / foolishness, nonsense.” and Agnitio being latin for “recognition, knowledge.”

Here's a plot summary:

Benedict “Ben” Ranger was always the smart kid. But it wasn’t until he was 14 that he learned why. One night, he wishes he knew about classic literature for a test he knew he was going to fail the next day. The next morning, his mother wakes him up an hour later than he normally wakes up with tears in her eyes, explaining she thought he was sick and that she couldn’t wake him up for a whole hour. Apparently all his life Ben could learn anything he wanted by simply asking for it. The only drawback was that every time Ben asked to learn something, he had to sleep an hour longer.

Soon after Ben learns of his power, he begins to have extremely vivid dreams about a fantasy world. Falling in love with the world, Ben asks to know more about it, but for some reason he learns nothing the next day, and wakes up at the regular time. Every night he continues to visit the fantasy world, and slowly he learns more about life than he could ever ask for.

I'm looking for a manga-style artist, and am hoping to update once a week at the least. The artist will be asked to draw some of the main characters. It would be liked if the artist had an AIM, YIM, and/or MSN account so that we could keep in touch more easily.

Please contact me via PM or e-mail at

Hunter Kirizaki
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