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zaneeba_slave at 10:21PM, Jan. 13, 2007
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It is I, Eirik Inn Rauda. 99% of you people dont know me, while the other 1% knows me but doesnt know it yet. Like all of you who are here, I am starting a comic. Yes, a comic. I call it "THE BUG, THE LIZARD, AND THE BEARD." The story is about a trio of evil-doers, competing for the galaxy against other beings. Perhaps a more detailed story will spark your intrests. Here is my story:

Since the very moment the gods created the galaxy of Stein, evil has slunk it's way into the picture of society. The gods, full of hatred for each other,fought amoungst themselves on how the galaxy should be created. It started as a quarrel, then it mutated into a full out war amoungst the gods. Every time a god created a being for the galaxy, another god would create something far stronger, while another god would create a beast even more powerful then the last. Until, the gods created an all-powerful beast, which destroyed all the works of the gods. And so ended the galaxy.

Soon after the destruction of their galaxy, the gods came up with a plan. The gods would compete in a game, and whoever won would have a hundred thousand years to do what ever they wanted with the galaxy. The game was very simple: find a mortal being that they thought worthy, and give them all their divine powers. The mortals would then travel throughout the galaxy, and conquer the planets. Whom ever had gained control of all the planets would win the right to remake the galaxy however they wanted. The gods found this game jolly fun, and have been playing it ever since.

Eons have passed since the game had started. Uncountable amounts of chosen mortals have succeeded in the game, and have remade the galaxy more times than could even be counted.The last champion, Ajaks, is lying on his death-bed. His a hundred thousand years are up, and the next competition is about to begin. The gods have begin the search once more.

But Ax, the god of the dead, can not find a “livin” mortal that suits his fancy. So, he resurrects a dead one. ‘zaneeba’, the one Ax has dicided to resurrect, was known for his wicked deeds against man-kind. He caused the burning of 500 towns all about the galaxy. Ax got so many new followers from ‘zaneeba’, that Ax dicided to give him a second chance at life.

“My most loyal follower.” Ax said to ‘zaneeba’. “I give you my divine power, so you may use it for my bidding. The Divine Competition has started, and I have chosen you as the new ruler of the galaxy. But be warned, my minion. The path you must walk from now on will be a hard one.”

And this is wher the story begins.

Neat huh? But, in all honesty, this comic is not going to be a serious comic-story. In fact, it will contain my wierd sinse of humor through the entire thing. So, dont be disapointed if it isnt up to your expectations. Also, dont expect anime style drawings. I hate anime, so my drawings will remain as cartoons.

Anyways, I hope you'll like it.

Eirik Inn Rauda
I like to imagine myself as a goblin in a tuxedo. -Zaneeba_slave
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ejg at 2:25AM, Jan. 14, 2007
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wellcome is that a chiguagua, and just so you know I didn't read all of that. people around here are lazy well at least I am.
I don,t like yugiho! buth I like this.
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Wolfer at 12:01PM, Jan. 14, 2007
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Hello Zabeeba_slave. Or Eirik Inn Rauda, or whatever you want to be called.
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Roguehill at 6:15PM, Jan. 14, 2007
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Welcome aboard, Zaneeba!

Restrooms are on your left.


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zaneeba_slave at 10:09PM, Jan. 19, 2007
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I truely dont care what anyone calls me. I just go by Eirik Inn Rauda because it is neat. But anyways, yeah. Work on my stuff is slow in progress.

so… yeah.
I like to imagine myself as a goblin in a tuxedo. -Zaneeba_slave
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