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The Pokemon Wasteland!
Mettaur at 4:00PM, Oct. 21, 2010
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Fan of Fallout 3?
*silence, with a few people raising hands, and most lowering them soon*
Fan of Pokemon?
*Thunderous cheering and yells of approval*

Well, here is the mix of those two, the Capital Wasteland and the world of pokemon has been fused with my infamous matter-construing-ray-of-sinister-diabolical-scientific-experimentation! *gasps, gets a glass of water, and regains breath* Euh, no more run on sentences for me! Although I could just call the ray the “Mega-Mixer”, it'd save lots of time..nah!

Anyways, you have the chance to explore the world of pokemon, except the people can get hurt! There are guns, there are knives, there are LIMB LOSSES! Sin, Hope, none of that “fan-fic romance” shit, all that good stuff! Radiation has given most pokemon the ability to speak, others have gone feral.

Been years since I was here. I've been at rehab since. So uh. Yknow, things got interesting.
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