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Them's the rules, bub.
skoolmunkee at 5:40AM, Feb. 10, 2006
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I don't think we really need a set of rules for these forums. Most people are really good here about that kind of thing. However, just to get all the bases covered, here's the basic forum rule:

Don't be a jerk.

There are of course details to this rule which people always try to get around, some examples are:
- Don't spam. People don't like it.
- Don't make an alternative account and use both in the forums. You can have more than one account, but just use one in the forums.
- Respect your fellow posters, even if you disagree with them. Insults, trolling, etc will not fly here.
- Let's try to avoid memes and overuse of LOLcats, funny anime face screencaps, etc because they get old. We're not 4chan. Some are fine- but if we think one person is doing it rather often, we'll ask them to stop.

This isn't really a rule, but try to put your posts in the proper forum, especially ones that should belong in the “Help” forums. Each forum has a helpful description! Otherwise you may not get the help you need! If a moderator sees a post they think should go elsewhere, they'll go ahead and move it. Don't take it personally, we all just like things to be organized. If you want to find a thread you've created recently- check your profile, it lists your 5 most recent threads. (Threads, not posts.)

Avatars and signatures:

for banners:

Basically, a banner can be long and short or stocky and tall, or something kind of in the middle. That's for ALL images in your signature, NOT EACH ONE. If you want two or three images, they ALL have to fit in that space. We also ask that images are less than 150kb- although we'll probably never notice that unless you have an animation or a bitmap. (Animations under 150kb are fine, if they aren't seizure inducing.)

Please keep avatars to 100x100 pixels, and under 35KB. They should also be worksafe- so no boobs or other stuff cropped from pornos.

Those are both so that people browsing the forums aren't overwhelmed with stuff to download. Broadband may be the rule in two or three major countries, but even in Canada and Australia people are on monthly caps, etc… let alone countries where dialup is still the norm.

If anyone sees anything going on in the forums they think shouldn't be (according to these guidelines), then please tell a mod or admin, who can fix it or ask the member in question to do so. We are generally a nice, polite bunch and give people time to fix mistakes, don't ban them unless they're huge jerks, etc. We want people to enjoy using the forums and so these guides are all a part of that.

Your neighborly site admins are skoolmunkee and ozoneocean.

Most forums have one or more moderators who are there to keep the place organized.
Note that some of the forums have special rules like Debate and Discussion and Comic Review, so if it is your first time visiting a forum, be sure and check for any rules or “read this first” threads!

I'll leave this thread open in case people have any questions or whatever. We don't want to make a bunch of rules though, especially not for stuff that hardly happens very often.
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srhdt at 2:56PM, July 15, 2011
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Test 3!
Locoma at 1:20PM, July 17, 2011
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test 4?

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