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Third time's the charm!
Futon at 5:24AM, Sept. 12, 2010
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I sure hope so.

That's right folks, The Fu is back after yet another hiatus. I've had two comics so far, they did ok for a while, but then real life got in the way.

So, now that things have settled down a bit, I'll give comic-making another shot.

So, I guess I'll see ya'll around.

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Plague Doctor at 7:36AM, Sept. 12, 2010
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Hi,glad you are back to DD ^^
I've followed your comic way back before I joined and I was afraid you abandoned it for good,looking forward to the next update =)
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Ironscarf at 3:42PM, Sept. 12, 2010
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Hi Futon, good to see you around again. Life does have a habit of getting in the way doesn't it? I've been working on my next page for almost as long as Ozone works on his. D:

Relax, pull up a chair, please don't set fire to it like the last guy.
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Kallisti at 7:32PM, Sept. 12, 2010
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I put it out.

And it was only a tiny fire anyway.
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