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joe_vee at 9:32PM, July 10, 2007
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Hey Everyone,

This is my first time on the forums so I am not sure if this topic was posted yet. But anywho I was just wondering if any of you have ever traveled to anywhere special. I have lived in San Diego practically all of my life and I feel absolutely trapped here. Sure it's fun in the sun, but besides the beach and all there isn't much adventure around these parts. So next year, after I graduate college I wanted to go some where fun and perhaps exotic over the summer. So far I think that New York, Italy, Thailand, Japan, and Australia would be cool to visit.

I was wondering if you guys have any reccomendations, and also where you would like to visit if given the chance :).

- Jovi
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deleted-byrequest-03 at 10:06PM, July 10, 2007
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Let's see…

Coolest places I've been:
New York City, Niagara falls (both of them)… that's it?

Places I wish to travel to:
Europe and Asia. (Not specific enough? Maybe I wanna travel the entire continent!)

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skoolmunkee at 4:32AM, July 11, 2007
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Let's see, about 13 or 14 US states. Also England, Scotland, Spain, the Netherlands, and Egypt. :) France can go to hell. T_T (Ain't counting layovers because airports don't count in my book.)
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Pixie at 5:23AM, July 11, 2007
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Hmm. I haven't travelled that much, really… but I like to do it. :) So America (Oklahoma mainly but probably around seven states total), France (the Ardeche is bloody gorgeous), the Netherlands (I love have friends all over the world to stay with!), Barcelona's just wonderful - been there four times… uhm. Yeah. That's about it; I'm boring.

I really want to go to New Zealand, Hong Kong and Iceland though. :D I intend to try and live in one of those places some day!
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artisthazzard at 5:31AM, July 11, 2007
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Grand Caymen
St. Thomas
St. Maarten
St. Lucia
Turks And Caicos
Cozumel - Mexico

U.S.A States
New Jersey
North Carolina

Coming Soon—Ireland
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Nicotine at 5:59AM, July 11, 2007
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I've been to quite a few places:

London (lot of aunts and uncles here)
Westhill (cousin lives there)
Niagra Falls
Nigeria (practically 2/3 of my family lives there)
Ciudad Juarez

Baton Rouge
New Jersey (used to live there)
Red Bank
New York
New York City
California (going to San Francisco again in September to look at my number one choice college :D)
San Francisco
Los Angeles
San Jose
Lake Tahoe
Lake Tahoe
Washington D.C.


In the future, I hope to go to Germany, Brazil, Japan, and S. Korea.
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dueeast at 6:04AM, July 11, 2007
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I'm afraid my traveling has been limited to the U.S. (sigh – for now) but I have been all over the place:

New York City
New Jersey
North Carolina
South Carolina
Atlanta (more than just an airport layover :) )
New Mexico

and most recently – Pennsylvania (for our 10th wedding anniversary, we vacationed at a resort in the Poconos, it was lovely)!
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swisscheese at 6:45AM, July 11, 2007
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I wouldn't say I've travelled extensively but I have been a few places.

I live in Texas and have been pretty much all over it except for the Big Bend area. I've been skiing and looking at giant rocks in New Mexico; Colorado a few times, always during the summer; on a couple of road trips to Washington state, making cheesy tourist stops along the way; on a hell-bent drive to Lodi and then down to Santa Cruz; aaaand I've went on a medical mission to Guatemala.

By far I'd say the best experience was helping the unfortunate in Guatemala. It was a growing experience: I was simply amazed at how nice we have it in the states, by comparison. It's one thing to see those commercials with Sally Struthers talking about how impoverished all these starving children are, but it's quite another to see it in person. I was also impressed by just how much they do with so little. Everybody is like MacGuyver down there, making things they need out of … other things.

If I was going to go to another country for fun, I'd like to be there long enough to really get to know the culture. Not like just going around for a week or two and taking photos and such. Make it a learning experience to really get to know another culture and the way people there think about things.

In response to Joe_Vee, though, adventure is what you make of it. With the exception of the trip to Guatemala (which was very much a working trip) everything else was basically just tourism. Not that there's anything wrong with tourism, mind you. You can do the same sort of things you'd do on a trip most anywhere. Maybe this makes me weird, but I've taken day trips to my own town and looked at a bunch of stuff I never checked out before. It's just as interesting and more practical.
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AQua_ng at 8:20AM, July 11, 2007
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You must go to New Zealand, the landscapes and the beaches there are epic. Oh, and Malaysia if you want cheap pirate versions of everything.

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n_y_japlander at 8:31AM, July 11, 2007
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Well being that I am mid way up thy old hill o’life, I’ve been round the world 3 times (10 years US Air Force). Now my home is Tokyo. Most interesting place; Egypt, interesting because it is nothing like the post cards. Place I would like to return to; (believe it or not) Sudan. Every state in the US (main land). I have been in Japan now for 11 years, and can not think of a cleaner (sept for the air), safer place to be.

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dueeast at 3:37PM, July 17, 2007
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You must go to New Zealand, the landscapes and the beaches there are epic. Oh, and Malaysia if you want cheap pirate versions of everything.

My wife and I have a standing invitation to stay with a friend in New Zealand, if we ever scrape up that kind of money and the time to take off (plus some extra laptop batteries for the insanely long flight. DVDs would be our friends!). We've decided if we ever went on an international vacation, that would be the place to go. :)
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Phantom Penguin at 3:42PM, July 17, 2007
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-S. Korea

I would have rather never traveled to the last four.
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Phantom Penguin at 3:43PM, July 17, 2007
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You must go to New Zealand, the landscapes and the beaches there are epic. Oh, and Malaysia if you want cheap pirate versions of everything.

But this also works with Korea.
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TheMidge28 at 5:12PM, July 17, 2007
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Outside of the US…Peru twice.
the people were beautiful and gracious even in the most poverty stricken of places.
It really puts things in perspective.
America is filled with a lot of selfish little brats who take things for granted.
I would love to go to China and England.
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EmilyTheStrange at 7:14PM, July 17, 2007
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I've never been ouside the US before, which annoys me. I've never even been to Canada before! D:

I've traveled around the East Coast though. I've been to all the New England/Middle Atlantic states, Washington DC, North and South Carolina, Georgia, and Flordia. I went to the Virgin Islands when I was 2, but I only remember being terrified of the water and stealing someone's shovel on the beach.

My favorite place I've been to is Salem MA, it's is just badass. The historical aspect of Salem is worth the trip itself, its right on the water, its got great mueseams, stores, resturants, and at night the whole city comes alive with some of the crazist people you'll ever see! NYC is pretty cool too, but I've been there so many times its lost its charm.

I'd LOVE to go to Ireland and England, and most of the rest of Europe for that matter. Unfortunately my mom's not a big traveler and my dad's seen it all already. ;__;
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Sysli at 2:35AM, July 18, 2007
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I just got home from Prague yesterday with a cold and a happy heart.
But really, anywhere can be interesting if you just want to see something new. I'll not go on listing where I've been since it's a bit boring and very traditional.

I'd like to visit Berlin or London for real at some point. I've been both places, but not long enough. There's some really interesting subcultures in Berlin and their grafitti is so much more interesting. London is just… well, London.
I'm a bit of a city-lover, so I don't have much to say about pretty nature and bright stars.
Because I may as well show a bit of pride. ^___^

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ReincarnatedParano at 11:09AM, July 18, 2007
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I went to Amsterdam with my school on an art trip a few years ago, and I absolutely loved it. Forget about it's reputation, because it's an absolutely beautiful city, especially at night. XD It's also a great place to visit if you're a museum person. I'd recommend the Madame Tussauds and the Reijks Museum.

I'd love to visit Australia and America. I might be going to New York for New Year's, too, so that'll be awesome. x3 I'm also intrigued by Russia, and I'd love to visit Japan (of course XD).
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marine at 1:59PM, July 18, 2007
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I been around. Spent a little time in big cities. Not enough time to really experience it all, but enough to know that environments like that ain't my bag. Its nice to visit a big city, but no way I'd ever want to live there.

Also been to a few other, lamer places. But eh.
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shaneronzio at 3:38PM, July 19, 2007
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I've been …
-various Beaches
-San Fran Psycho
-San Diego
-Los Angeles
—all over state
New York
–New York City
the Carolinas
—all over state

—all over state
—all over state(easy to do)
New Jersey
Washinton D.C.
And Pennsylvania, of course.
all over state
especially good ol' Fayette Nam

———————Other Countries

-Puerto Rico
-St. Thomas
-US Virgin Islands
—rode in a submarine


Vatican City

-Great Wall
-Forbidden City
-terracotta warriors
Li Jiang
-Mu Clan Mansion
-Old Town
-Black Dragon pond
-Jade Dragon Mountain
Kun Ming
longest flight-13 hours.
fastest I have ever gone was 675 ground m.p.h. at 35000 ft.
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waxengoddess at 5:53PM, July 19, 2007
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wow im impressed
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