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TTG brings its mirror to DD. :D
Net at 12:32PM, Oct. 20, 2006
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Hey all. :) Some of you might remember me from back during the DD/CG war. :D Well, to make a long story short, TTG's mirror site is coming up for renewal here soon, and Michelle's not all that interested in renewing it, so… we started searching for a suitable mirror site to use.

Fast forward a week or six, and I remembered about the Duck. So… here we are! :D

For now, only the comic pages themselves are up. If you want to see the full site with all content, it's located at … but until I get the hang of this place, it'll only be the comic pages here for the time being.

We update monthly, so no need refreshing constantly or anything silly like that… and we both look forward to getting things working smoothly over here as well. :D


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xkyuketsuki at 3:26PM, Oct. 21, 2006
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hi and looks neat
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