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Used Books Fan Art Contest -- with a prize!
usedbooks at 10:54AM, Oct. 1, 2010
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I just ordered a number of copies of my book, and I figured I would have to do something fun and give a copy away. So, I thought a fan art contest would be fun. (Because I love fan art, and everyone loves prizes and self-promotion. :) )

~Let's go with a “friendship” theme.
~Entries must contain at least two Used Books characters. (They don't have to be central characters or good guys.)
~Keep it plausibly canonical. (It's okay to be hypothetical with relationships and what-ifs.)
~Bonus points for recognizable UB settings (or scenes/scenarios)!
~The rating must be UB appropriate. T+ please! (Basically anything that would pass in a PG13 movie or primetime network TV.) I have to be able to post it.

November 6th
A copy of Used Books: Execution ($15 value)
Either upload somewhere and PQ me with the link or email

All entries will be posted on my main comic with a link to the entrant's own project(s) and will later be moved to my fan art archive, so you'll have some promotion among the regular UB readers. Entries also will be printed in my next book with credit to their creators.

Entries will be judged by my panel of die-hard UB fans – specifically my sister and my friends Gael and Bethany.
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