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Warmage: Yggdrasil a Cameo-Crossover opportunity
Dumok at 7:50AM, Feb. 5, 2008
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I am not sure if you ever noticed, but Most American Post-apocalyptic/Disaster/Kaiju pretty Much have New York City get blasted, Pounded, flooded, Invaded, etc. This kind of Got me thinking of setting up WarMage's City as a kind of Nexus point (Or Branch) for the World tree. Since I already had Dasien mentioned in My comic, and with the Crossover War Event come and gone (No Pun Intended), I want to open up WarMage for either Cameos (Which will come in the form of news reports or news paper articles or even personal appearances depending on the character and how it will fit into the story) or A Cross over (Where the character will take an active role in the story, depending on how much the Creator allows or wants).
If anyone is interested, Then feel free to contact me:
While I do have a wish-list of people I will contact personally, I want to give the folks here an opportunity to let me know what they would be interested in. Just keep in mind that Their character will show up in a future issue of WarMage (With Full credit, of course) which I will put out on and Heroes and or Villains are welcome, or even a minor character in your story..makes no difference.
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