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We be in search of a Pirate artist, so we do!
Zac at 11:47PM, Jan. 29, 2007
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Heya, I did these pretty crappy sketches in about 15 minutes. If you think it's on the right track, I can go towards a more complete and less sketchy approach. It's really late and I have class in the morning, so please forgive the proportion problems and droopy eyes >>;;

Again if you're interested, I can do color versions and digital art versions. AKA a more cleaned up style.

One thing about Cooke. I know you said you like your character designs, yet all of them had just a beard and no other facial hair. I felt like Cooke needed a little more to add the “Mad Dog” part. So I added a shabby full beard and not as long. Sorry about that.

Also my scanner isn't plugged up so I had to use a digi cam. So all the images are actually reverse of what they should be >>;

Again these were done in about 15-20 minutes. Sorry sorry.
I hope this helps some.

you can check out my portfolio here:

If some style on their appeals to you more, let me know. I also tried to vary how all these above sketches looked, so you could choose the style you like more.
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Bipolar Crab at 1:56AM, Feb. 7, 2007
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Check out Loki`s Poopdeck swabbing Pirate Comic

if you like the comic check out his current Project Nintendo Super Squad by “Cooltendo”
dun dun dun
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