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What made you first join Drunk Duck?
Gill Panda at 4:44AM, Dec. 31, 2011
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joined: 12-25-2011
i began posting on here mainly because i would like feed back for my artworka nd at least gain interest in my comic work.
Wing Eye at 3:23PM, Jan. 7, 2012
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joined: 6-29-2010
Strain42 introduced me to Drunk Duck when I found out about his Persona 3 FTW comic from GameFAQs message boards.  Because of that I was inspired to make my own parody comic :D
chrisdotclark at 3:12PM, Jan. 18, 2012
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joined: 11-21-2009
I first read an El Cid comic when he was working under a different pseudonym at Renderotica - this would have been around 2005, I guess. When The Chief started moving around to different sites I just followed him, eventually coming here in 2009. At the time I thought it might be somewhere I could post a comic but it took me until May 2011 before I actually did the deed.
TheStonertainment at 4:27AM, Jan. 31, 2012
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joined: 1-23-2012
Personally Have been reading comics from DD since 2005 with Charby the Vampirate (good times). and even then this was a great community everyone is great and nobody trolls, more encouragement than bashing. For these reasons I joined DD and brought my webcomic with me.
Lojik at 1:54AM, Feb. 12, 2012
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joined: 3-12-2011
my reason for joining up to drunk duck is a bit complicated, you see I never really took intrest in forums or chatting and what not and I thought if I ever wanted to see a comic I would head on down to any local comic book store and purchase one. After some time though comics started taking a bigger role in my life and it dawned on me why not make my own, I mean there have been thousands before me with way more skill and talent, and this encourages me to do the same if not better. I wanted to know what it felt like to create something so magnifiscent and amazing.  So I decided to give it my best shot and no matter what happend I would be proud of whatever my creation became. 
Tabasco at 9:39PM, Feb. 18, 2012
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joined: 11-22-2011
I want to make an adult comic, and I am not brave enough to take it to a convention. Plus I like being around other creative people.
SirMWK at 5:11AM, March 24, 2012
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joined: 1-29-2012
After seeing Pit Face's PUTRID MEAT on DeviantART, I saw that she had a link to DD so after a bit of browsing (and procrastinating) I decided to join so I could share my comic with all you fine folks.
james93 at 4:21PM, March 24, 2012
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joined: 12-3-2011
i joined because i like comics. they are pretty cool and i actually want to make a sprite webcomic of my own.
luigifontilla at 9:26AM, April 17, 2012
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joined: 4-11-2012
I joined because I like reading comics but my main reason is so I can share my comic with everyone.
JamesTurner at 7:13PM, April 19, 2012
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joined: 3-3-2012
I decided to post on Drunk Duck because it's a free hosting service, there's lots of comic creators here, it allows you to customize your page quite a bit, and it has an awesome posting system that lets you upload a batch and then set a schedul for them to go up.
rou at 10:00PM, April 28, 2012
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joined: 1-4-2012
this was the best place for posting my comics. even when i get a website, ill still be posting on drunkduck ^^ I mean, how many 11 year olds get to draw PSYCO PIRATES XD
Escutcheon at 10:47PM, April 28, 2012
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joined: 10-30-2011
Huh, I thought I had posted here before. Must not have actually finished the post.
Hi there all! I joined DrunkDuck under the advice of a friend who told me it was a site with great freedom, author control, and..well, was free- and had a community. And I have been nothing but impressed ever since giving it a shot!
TheSmilingPsycho at 8:46AM, June 12, 2012
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joined: 6-12-2012
I head about this web site from the author of the web comic “Lena”. Thought I'd expand my audience.
Check out my comic: The Misadventures of Dexter the Alien
I update a lot. :)
Insilico at 10:07PM, June 14, 2012
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joined: 5-24-2012
I came for the free drinks. 
r_e_l at 6:29PM, July 14, 2012
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joined: 6-23-2012
I joined to read all the dirty GN's that only members can see ;)
Joined to read… eventualy I'll post my own :)
RoseGuardian at 8:21AM, July 21, 2012
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joined: 4-25-2012
I joined because I was looking for place to post my mangas I made up and a friend of mine told me about this site. Right now I just read them but I will post my stuff eventually.
edinfresno at 8:19PM, July 30, 2012
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joined: 7-30-2012
I joined The Duck because there are so few sites around that will actually let me post my work. However, after a few days here, I'm beginning to think it was a bad choice because nothing seems to work correctly, here. So far, none of the functions have functioned. Still, I'll be patient and see if things get fixed and working properly. If so I'll be happy. If not I'll move on.
By the way… I posted a help request earlier that seems to have mysteriously disappeared. Being of a rather suspicious bent of mind, I've bookmarked this page so I can return to it later, if it's still here.
last edited on July 30, 2012 8:20PM
ZephyrPrower at 6:34PM, Aug. 6, 2012
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joined: 8-5-2012
I just joined yesterday. A couple big motivating factors:

I've heard dA is rather “hostile” towards sprite comics if the sprites aren't entirely yours.
I've been planning a comic for a long time coming, and now I've gotten around to start producing it.
The Duck was among a few recommended dedicated comic hosting sites by a friend.

I've been wondering a bit if The Duck is going through kind of a lull in activity as suggested by another thread I read, but it sounds as if activity levels will inevitably rebound. I figure, just to be able to share the comic and get at least one reader dedicated on following my unfolding plot would already make me feel accomplished inside.
unagiUmbrage at 6:59PM, Jan. 1, 2013
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joined: 1-1-2013
Initially, my best friend in real life land sent me a link to Charby the Vampirate. After that, I started to browse the other comics on the site and ended up creating an account just to keep track of my favorites. That's how I got started. 
jewelsLipps at 7:04PM, Jan. 29, 2013
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joined: 1-28-2013
I'm a Media Arts and Science student at IUPUI in Indiana in my final semester of school. For my final project, I'm doing a comic book. We have to present our capstone projects at the end of the semester and my professor reccomended I Alec (my character) her own website and also to get her in the social media world. This is one of the sites he mentioned!
VinoMas at 1:49AM, March 8, 2013
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joined: 1-6-2006
I joined in like 2004 or 2005.  It was cool.  So many fresh ideas.  So I made some of my own…then took a very long break and am back with a new comic “Your Choice…”
Project_00_Wolfen at 11:06AM, Oct. 28, 2013
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joined: 1-8-2011
I was introduced to this site, when it was Drunk Duck, by Hayakain and began posting my work here.
Welcome. I am JnG_Art. Project_00_Wolfen is my old name but I prefer this new one because it's more professional and shorter to say.
Sketchmazoid at 11:53AM, Nov. 21, 2013
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joined: 11-20-2013
I joined here in 2001 cause I was 11 and this was the only comic hosting site I understood, the others were too complex. Simple as that.
Djan at 4:34PM, Dec. 14, 2013
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joined: 10-28-2013
I joined because when I was 9-ish I found this site and read Charby the Vampirate(much to the chagrin of my conservative christian mother. “You don't need to be reading anything on a site that has drunk in the title! I saw a page and it was really violent! It probably has bad language but I didn't check!” If she only knew.) and some other comic that had an almost all female cast and they all had really large breasts. I don't remember the name of it but it was some sort of acronym. I didn't want to be signed up to such an incriminating site, and this was back when I didn't have my own email for verifying purposes so I would have had to ask my mom to verify for me.
So, I left for a few years. Read other webcomics, made other friends. And then I realized I wanted to be a comic book artist when I grew up, and remembered this place existed. I signed up a few months ago and didn't really touch it(other that launching one comic and then later deleting it without even adding a single page because I realized it was awful). But now I'm back. Yay.
irrevenant at 11:28PM, Jan. 27, 2014
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joined: 1-13-2007
Welcome back. :)

Yeah, one of the side-effects of being in a webcomics community with so many talented artists is you tend to look at their stuff, then look at your own stuff and go: xO  I pretty much just cling to the goal of making each page that tiny bit better than the one before (exception: page 3 which was rushed and bites -_-).  I promised myself I wouldn't go back and remove or redraw stuff, because I want to be able to look back one day at how bad I was and realise how much I've improved since then.

P.S. I honestly don't remember how I first got here.  I found some cool webcomic (Acrobat, maybe?) and stayed.
Djan wrote:
And then I realized I wanted to be a comic book artist when I grew up, and remembered this place existed. I signed up a few months ago and didn't really touch it(other that launching one comic and then later deleting it without even adding a single page because I realized it was awful). But now I'm back. Yay.
LIFELINE COMICS at 2:47PM, Jan. 31, 2014
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joined: 11-14-2013
mizu25 at 12:00PM, March 26, 2014
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joined: 3-26-2014
I joined to both post my own comics and read others comics everyone is sooooo super talented it's amazing 
Beep Beep at 11:42PM, April 20, 2014
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joined: 4-20-2014
This place was recommended to me. I was told there's a good artist market on here, and helpful advice.
Alpharie at 10:25PM, April 23, 2014
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joined: 4-22-2014
Hello, I'm Alpharie, and I joined because I have a story I want to tell. I also hoped this community has a little less BL than some other sites I've checked out. We'll see.
I'm pretty friendly in general, so don't be afraid to come check out my story. It's still in baby stages right now, so be gentle.
mohnman at 6:24PM, May 11, 2014
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joined: 5-8-2014
I've been wanting to really share my comics online a while now but I never had the experienc making websites and no mone to build a worthwhile one. Also I wanted to find a place that I could possibly build a real fan base. And I heard of The Duck a long time ago so I thought why not here? So finally I got enough courage to post my stuff. And I feel really good about it.

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