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Who wants to draw ZOMBIES?
that1Joo at 8:10PM, Feb. 4, 2007
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I have been sitting on a zombie script for a while now because the original artist couldn't do it. I had long since assumed that nothing would come of it, but I've recently discovered what a great resource these forums are, so I figured I'd put it out there.

I'm looking for an artist with a few specific characteristics (I want this comic to have a certain look or nothing at all):

-Must be able to draw zombies (obviously).

-Must be able to draw in a non-manga style. Nothing against Manga, but I want this to have an “American” look. If your style is in-between, along the lines of Teen Titans, that's OK, too.

-Must be able to draw convincing expressions and action poses.

-Must be able to draw people and objects from different angles (looking up or down at them).

-Ablity to ink and color a plus (I can do this, but I'm kinda lazy when it comes to that. If your pencils are great, I'll be very willing, though).

-Ability to draw backgrounds a plus (see above).

If this sounds like you, let me know! Post some pics here, and I'll send you the first page of the script if I like what I see!
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Bipolar Crab at 1:53AM, Feb. 7, 2007
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Call Phil!
dun dun dun
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that1Joo at 10:01PM, Feb. 7, 2007
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You're a jerk and I hate you XP
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fern at 1:45PM, Feb. 9, 2007
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You're a jerk and I hate you XP

hah good one.
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7384395948urhfdjfrueruieieueue at 3:17PM, Feb. 9, 2007
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Don't forget to kill Phillip!
i will also like to know you the more
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that1Joo at 1:11PM, Feb. 10, 2007
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Just by way of clarification, Phil (aka Loki, aka Cooltendo) was the original artist. I'm currently working with him and Metz (aka Metz) on another project, but I have not abandoned this one, titled Revenant. BipolarCrab (aka Little Bernie) well knows that Phil was my frist choice but that he was unable to follow through with it due to other priorities.

I really enjoyed writing these scripts, and I think that any artist would have fun drawing them. The first two issues are completely writen, and the rest of the 8-issue series is storylined. The entire series would take a 2-3 year commitment, but I would be happy just to see a couple issues come to pass.

Check out this exclusive preview!
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josif at 2:55AM, Feb. 11, 2007
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If the style was very cartoony Id be able to do it.
Your Reading Skills Have Increased By Two Points.
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Generic Human at 11:37AM, Feb. 13, 2007
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gawd i love zombies, i'm just too damn busy. besides that, I'm prolly not what you're looking for artistically.
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glenfx at 5:49PM, May 25, 2007
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12 panels a page? I think it is too much if you want to get a mood from the illustrations.

What is the size of the pages?
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