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Who wants to take a philosophical survey, and then be loved by me because of it? You? Cool.
Vakanai at 8:48AM, Sept. 11, 2008
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1.)Do you think that there is an ultimate truth?
C.) I Don't Know

2.)Do you think, in this life, you can find the truth?
A.) Yes

3.)Do you believe god, or a higher power, exists?

4.)Do you believe ghosts exist?
A.) Yes

5.)Is there a moral right and wrong?
A.) Yes

6.)Would you say you follow you…
C.) Heart

7.)Fill in the blank: Apple, banana, apple, banana, apple, banana, __________, banana…
Explanation: Forget patterns, bananas are funny. Plus they're the naughtiest fruits, just like me!XD

8.)Which art is more important to you…
A.) Visual

9.)Can one piece of art be better than another?
A.) Yes

10.)Do you believe in fate?
B.) No
Explanation: I believe we are the creators and masters of our own wondrous fate. It is always in our hands.

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