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Writer looking for artist--any genre of art, but superhero story
shastab24 at 2:35PM, March 18, 2010
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I am fine with any genre of art for this, but those responsible should be fine with drawing in the superhero genre. As well, I am fine with limited commitments (if you can only draw a page or so and only pencilled, I am sure I can find people to fill in the rest).

But what's the story? It's tied to fiction I posted on the Pride High message boards. The script versions of the original story entries (which I would like turned into comics, as well) can be found on my DeviantArt account here, in case you want to know context and the possible direction the story is going (or if you would want to draw an earlier entry).

I will e-mail the current script when one asks for it. Now, I had an artist before, but that person had to back out. I'm going to be receiving what has already been done, which I know is not all of the issue, but I have definitely already received the cover artwork.

EDIT: I have been given the first page drawn and inked. I may or may not color it myself. All other pages that I've received have been layouts, and can be seen as just guidelines, I guess.
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