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WRITER looking for artist/illustrator/animator
poormarqus at 3:54PM, Dec. 5, 2009
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So… it looks like I would rather focus on writing at this point in my life. Which means I'm now looking for an artist/partner-in-crime to develop some of these ideas that just keep piling up. Could be a brand new cartoon strip/panel for the web, an animated short or pilot, a graphic novel, whatever. I'm sure if it was something we both loved we could figure out how to pitch it from there.

Though I love the work of Dan Piraro (Bizarro), Gary Larson (The Far Side), Family Guy and Drawn Together - I’m open to anything, and I certainly wouldn’t want you to try and emulate any of their styles.

I know the competition is fierce and that there’s a 1 in 1 billion chance of ever getting syndicated, but you never know. There are other publications out there – MAD magazine, Playboy (for the raunchier stuff, if we choose to go that way).

So throw it out there – let’s see what you’ve got. Don’t worry about being offensive – I’ve seen it all and have a sick sense of humor myself. lol.

I have 200+ ideas for single panel cartoons, but I’m open to new material as well. In any case, we’ll split everything 50-50.

Please forward 2 or 3 (jpeg) samples of your work – they can be rough panels, sight gags, mock ads, characters you’d like to develop, whatever.

Send them to:

Thanks very much.
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