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Writer seeking artist for 2 oneshots
Hunterkirizaki at 9:04PM, Oct. 23, 2009
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I'm Hunter Kirizaki, a comic writer. I have a few comics that I write at the moment along with my own website where I host them, I’ve written two short stories that I believe have the makings to be great comics.

I'm looking for one artist willing to draw both comics. The artist should have a style suitable for children's stories, as both of these stories could be considered such. The first story, called Gregory's Vegetable War, is about a young boy named Gregory who refuses to eat his vegetables. One night, he has a dream where he has joined forces with the Meatmen to defeat the Broccolites. The other story, The Beat of the Rain, is about a homeless man named Drums who loves to play the bongos and a man named Drew, who is lonely

Gregory's Vegetable War is about 23 pages, while The Beat of the Rain is only 13 pages. Along with both of the comics, I'd like it if the artist would be willing to draw some extra character design sketches and such before the comic begins. I plan to have both of these stories published through a website. The comics will be hosted on my site(though possibly only a few pages of each) and possibly on a few other comic hosts as well.

This is a non-paying job. We'll split any profit from possible book sales, but otherwise there is no pay.

Please send me a PM if you're interested. It'd be great if you have AIM or MSN messenger in which we may talk to each other.

Hunter Kirizaki
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I Am The 1337 Master at 6:36AM, Oct. 25, 2009
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i'll do it. pq me and I'll give you my email. I don't have good examples of my art in my current comic so it'd probably be better if you talk to me for actual art bits.
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LadyLara at 11:54AM, Oct. 25, 2009
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Hey I think I saw your post on smackjeeves, I was thecavewoman244 on there. =3
Oh hi.
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