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Writer seeking Artist: "Imaginary Sister"
Hunterkirizaki at 3:35PM, Feb. 15, 2010
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Hello artists of Drunkduck. I'm Hunter Kirizaki, a writer on this here site. I am once again looking for an artist to help me with a comic idea.

Ellis had a boring life; a dull routine with nothing interesting. Other than a violent bully at his school, there was little excitement. He only had two friends, no siblings, and the girl he liked didn’t even know he existed, no matter how hard he tried. To try and escape from the dull routine, Ellis would draw and write stories, letting his imagination run wild. His longest story was a diary he wrote every night from the perspective of his nonexistent sister.

Or, at least she used to be nonexistent.

One day, Ellis wakes up to a strange face. The sister he had always wanted was standing above his bed, telling him to get up for school.

That’s when things got interesting.

The comic is a high school comic set in a really small town. The majority of the main cast are high school freshmen. The art style I'm looking for is something that's a little more humorous and cute, like a shoujo manga style or a cartoon style. I'm hoping for weekly updates at the LEAST. Please don't offer if you don't think you can manage once-per-week updates.

It is preferred that the artist has either AIM or MSN, as it'll make it easier for us to chat. If you would prefer I send scripts via e-mail instead of over PM on Smackjeeves, then please provide an e-mail address. My MSN address is and my AIM is cutjim10.

If you would like to ask a question or request samples of my scripting, please PQ me or e-mail me.

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