Meet, Greet, Show and Sell*

Wuzzz up?????
AdHocFerox at 9:50PM, Feb. 8, 2006
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Hey. I was over at SJ, it went down and I’m restless. So here I am

21, college dude, into stuff. And I enjoy long romantic walks on the beach…. Whatever.

Anywho, this place seems cool. Is it? Are ya’ll gonna be nice to me?
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Terminal at 10:20PM, Feb. 8, 2006
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Em. No.

Okay, enough kidding around. :roll: Welcome to the Duck.

The exits are here and here. One that`s hidden over there, and of course. the secret one which is right somewhere over here. Careful though, it`s like going to a Chinese resturant and ordering a fork instead of chopsticks which causes them to laugh at you behind your back and spit in your rice.

Now, I leave with a riddle. Do we walk on the world, or does the world walk on us? I leave that to you to figure out since the answer is so mindblowing, it makes church look like sex (er, yes. I said it that way.)

if you haven`t figure by now. I`m going straight to hell..

.: Myxomatosis :.
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AdHocFerox at 11:42PM, Feb. 8, 2006
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:shock: Deep.

So is it like the exits are entrances but only if you use them backwards? I think the world just became a figment of my imagination…
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Gibbo at 1:23AM, Feb. 9, 2006
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Ahoy there!

Hmmm, do we walk on the world? I dunno, that's a bit too *wwoooohhh* if yeh ask me, so I'm uh… just gonna go ponder it over there >_>
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