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sofrigginrobo at 3:59PM, April 7, 2007
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To all of you cats and dolls out there, we at The Symbolocity ( personally invite you to a little thing we whipped up one night on the couch. Here's the deal, we will choose based on one or more of the following three reasons: 1: You've been brave enough to comment on The Symbolocity, and we respect your feedback. 2: We highly respect your work as an aritist (originality, story writing, or just plain skill). 3: We think your just plain cool. So what's the deal you ask? Well we're asking that you send us your ideas for a one shot strip! Whatever you want; it can be graphic and crude or stupid and mindless, anything really, even one panel. So send away and we'll pick one of your strips a week and give you the credit for it (of course) when we post it as the week's winner of “The Symbolocity's Search For Random Crap Award!” So send us your random crap today (either PQ to sofrigginrobo or comment will do), and check every Saturday to see the winner!

Love your Mom and Dad,
MIke G. & Marion L.
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