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[need artist] Any fans of Conker's Bad Fur Day wanna make a comic???
Commander_Chaos at 9:31PM, Feb. 18, 2008
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Having played the Live and Reloaded version recently on my 360, I've been filled with ideas Rareware could use in a sequel. As a sequel seems very unikely, I think it might be an entertaining premise for a comic. Movie micktakes galore, appearances from familiar characters. All that I need is someone who knows the game and has played the Live and Reloaded version - oh, and that can draw the characters / a good interpretation.
If you're interested, post a sketch of a CBFD character in this thread. If I see the sort of style i reckon would be good for the project I'll choose you with a PQ. If I don't pick you as artist and you're desperate to be involved I'm wiling to have some people contributing ides as long as they know what would work well.
Best wishes,
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