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Kira Dwenna at 8:01AM, Nov. 20, 2007
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Wow. And here's the new one in all it's spiffy goodness. It's another unscripted one (in case you couldn't tell), and I think I've gone a wee bit overboard. Ehehehe… ^-^;

There will be no special Thanksgiving comic. Sorry, but I'm going to be feasting on turkey, and generally getting fat over the holiday. That, and working on Black Friday - which, consequently, happens to be my not-so-birthday this year, too.
(I think working on Friday IS bothering me. I keep bringing it up. Oh, well.)

Have a good Thanksgiving all you American people! And if anyone else in the world has a holiday or something to be thankful for, have a good Thursday! ^-^

I turned on the homepage and the forums. They're there if anyone needs to use them (hint, hint)
Why be a Lesbian if you can't be Serious about it?

“Webcomics should be as fun to write, as they are to draw, as they are to read.”
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jparker at 6:12AM, Nov. 21, 2007
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Sadness for the workings on the birthday; but don't let it bother you: look at it as a fine excuse to be bitchy to customers! There is nothing quite as fulfilling as telling that old hag that keeps nagging you over the dumbest things to STFU. And you were right, Borneo's sanity is cute! Does it bite I wonder?
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