Lexcore-ness! w00t!

You guys are missing stuff! D:
MuriraRK at 9:06PM, Sept. 4, 2007
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Why hullo!

I just realized that you people here at Drunk Duck are missing out on some random crap that I draw and post as fillers over at SJ. So…HERE BE LINKS TO THEM. XD Enjoy.

+ Some random art I did when I just got Photoshop. It kinda suxxorz.

+ Kingdom Plushies

+ Why Kelban hates Larc

+ Happy Halloween!

+ Merry Christmas!

+ Lexcore's grandpappy

+ Happy Valentines Day!

+ I was provoked. It's SJ. It happens.

+ What goes on during private lessons

Shall I post fillers here when I post them on SJ? Or do you guys want PURE, UNINTERRUPTED LEXCORE ACTION?! Ahahaha.


Things to do when the prologue is finished :

* New layout

* Give the DD Lexcore its own pages so that they don't link to SJ and confuzzle you guys

* Redo Chapter One . I'm going to try and do this really quickly .

* Start Chapter Two. @_@
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