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PT Wallpaper?
Holley at 3:13PM, Aug. 14, 2007
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A cheeky first post I know, but reading and enjoying PT the quality of drawing often has me thinking ‘I wish this panel was bigger so I could use it as wallpaper’ … mostly for at work (urgh!)

Is there a cat-in-hells chance of there being a piece of PT wallpaper?
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Groundhog at 2:44PM, Feb. 16, 2008
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I suppose you might've heard this a hundred times already, but something is bothering me. The PT wallpaper page.
The main page claims it's been updating every now & then, but according to the page itself it hasn't updated since Dec 01.(firecaster)
Any idea what this is about? Is it just me, or are others having the same issue?

Also, I love your work.
Might seem obvious, since I'm bitching about not being able to see it, but I thought I'd say so anyway.

Edit: Hm. I'm starting to question the liveliness of this forum, somewhat…
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silentkitty at 8:13AM, Feb. 26, 2008
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Er, yeah, sorry, I tend to forget to check the forum because it's used so infrequently, lol.

I'm not really sure why the main page would say that the wallpaper comic has been updating - Firecaster is the last one that I uploaded, so there's nothing that you're missing. I'm guessing it's just a DD bug. =P

As far as making wallpapers out of panels, if you let me know what panel(s) you'd like to see as a wallpaper, I'll see what I can do.

- S
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Groundhog at 5:06AM, March 1, 2008
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Hm. Weird, that.
But at least I haven't missed anything, so all's well with me.
As for a panel-based wallpaper…
Tricky question. I suppose the ch2:cover would look good on a desktop. It's got an eerie quality I'm quite fond of.
I suppose suggesting a page that's only inches from being a wallpaper already, isn't terribly creative…
Well, if you did make it, it'd mean less work for you, at least :)

Edit: Also, please pardon my horrible grammar. I can usually do better, but I'm very tired at the moment. No other excuse. Except that I'm Finnish.
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