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-These are my characters

Role: (Main character) Warrior
Nickname: GIDEON (female)
Meaning: Similar fate as Gideon
Age: 16 teen
Gender: female
Hair color: Light brown w/ highlights
Eye color: Greenish brown
Appearance: Young, slender, long legs
Clothes: light, summer wear; shorts, trendy t-shirt, comfy socks
Accessories: pencils, messenger bag, diary
Personality: Sweet, oblivious, secretly depressed, happy in public
Hobbies: reading, long walks
Story: Gideon at first glance seems ordinary. At school she appears cheerful, although she is mostly oblivious to what everyone else is doing. Most guys think she’s cute, but she doesn’t really see that either. Normally, Gideon is walking outside by herself or reading under a tree. People are used to her standoffish ways, and mostly leave her alone. At home, she is ignored. Her parents are always working and doing things without her, so she rarely sees them. Secretly, Gideon is depressed and has terrible nightmares.

GIDEON (male)
Role: God’s warrior
Nickname: Mighty warrior
Meaning: Destroyer, Feller (of trees)
Age: 20’s
Gender: male
Hair color: brown
Eye color: brown
Appearance: poor
Clothes: ragged
Accessories: sword
Personality: diligent, smart, hopeful, faithful
Hobbies: ?
Story: God chose Gideon, a young man from an otherwise unremarkable clan from the tribe of Manasseh, to free the people of Israel and to condemn their worship of idols. Very unsure of both himself and God's command, he requested proof of God's will by a miracle. Gideon destroyed the town's altar to the foreign god Baal and brought peace for 40 yrs.

God (Jehovah)
Role: God
Nickname: KAMI
Gender: appears male
Age: ——–
Hair color: long white
Eye color: sky blue
Appearance: transparent light or shadow, youthful 20’s
Clothes: white robes, or shirtless
Accessories: tears of sorrow
Personality: fair, loving,
Hobbies: ?

Bartholomuel / Βαρθολομαίος
Role: Girl’s protector/ God’s messenger
Nickname: ARTHOLO
Gender: male
Age: ——–
Hair color: dirty orange
Eye color: blue
Appearance: young teen male, light
Accessories: shield
Personality: kind
Hobbies: Listening to people’s problems
Story: Bartholomuel, is one of God’s angels. He does not to decent to earth much , and has never appeared to a mortal before. He has been charged with the GIRL’s care. He only appears at Kami’s request. He has fond feelings for Gideon, and sad when KAMI will not send him to her aid.

Role: Girl’s personal demon
Gender: male
Age: ———–
Hair color: black, blue shaggy
Eye color: dark
Appearance: teen male
Clothes: black armaments, dark, form fitting clothes
Accessories: gauntlet
Personality: cruel,
Hobbies: Haunting Gideon, appearing at night
Story: Gideon’s personal demon is a former angel. At one time he had believed in Σατανάς, and ventured to earth. However, when he tried to return home, KAMI, sealed all the disobedient angels in spiritual darkness. As much as he lives to kill GIDEON, he secretly loves her.

Role: Eurynome’s ruler
Nickname: None
Meaning: the despaired
Gender: appears male
Age: ——–
Hair color: long black
Eye color: black
Appearance: shadow, elegant or as a bird
Clothes: Trench coat
Accessories: whip
Personality: cold
Hobbies: controlling people/ demons
Story: As an angel, AZAZEL taught men to make swords and knives; and women to make bracelets. This caused humans to become greatly corrupt so KAMI punished him. He ordered others to cast him in the desert, and surround by darkness for all eternity. Baal rescued him and he sought refuge with high ranking demons.

Role: Demon lord
Nickname: son of Dagon
Gender: appears male
Age: ——–
Hair color:
Eye color:
Appearance: ambiguous shadow
Personality: dark
Hobbies: ordering demons from the shadows
Story: He is a powerful demon and long time enemy of KAMI. In biblical times, Gideon destroyed his temple and purged him into darkness. Humans of that time thought Ba‘al (or Hadad) was the lord of the sky who governs the rain and thus the germination of plants.
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