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The World of Magical Mania
Aurora Moon at 10:21AM, Feb. 6, 2007
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The world of Magical Mania is actually set in an alternate reality, where the Earth is called “Gaia”, and all the continents are actually crowded together, never having experienced the continental drift.

Here's the world map:

Yes, it's an crappy map, I know.. just ignore the crappiness.

Anyway.. the differences between that world and this world, obviously has to do with history.

Ever wondered how much of our history would be affected if the continents were all that close together? Especially with the Queen of Darkness conquering the world coming into play.

See the blue parts of the map? Those were the lands that was Firmly under the dark Queen's rule, while the rest of the world she was actually working on conquering when she got sealed into the cross. The battle happened in the area where the red dot is at.
later on, that's also where the city of Melbourne was founded.

After the Dark queen was found to be “dead”, rulers from before tried to resume their old hold over the lands. Some succeeded, but most failed.

the colonists that colonized the lands to the west rebelled against the king of England (who had tried to regain his status after the Dark queen “died” by taking over england and the lands to the west)… for their freedom.. but with one difference– the king was overthrown due to having an weakened status in life, and England became part of the “new lands”, and the land of the free was embellished, and they simply called themselves “The Free states”.

Also, during the time period when people was recovering from the rule of the Dark Queen, the other countries took advantage of this by starting wars to claim new territories, which led into World war one later on.
This led to Japan conquering China, the phillipies, and parts of Russia… those lands now known as the Empire of Japan.
Russia also Conquered Iran, Iraq and Africa during this time period.
Australia Allied itself with the “Free states”, later on becoming part of the states and forming the lands of “The free states” into U.N.S, short for “United Nation of the States”.

In the present, the people who lives on “Gaia” is still facing similar issues that we face in our world today.
for instance, the UNS has issues with illegal immigrants just as much as the USA does. in some parts of Africa the people of the countries there still has problems with AIDS spreading due to ignorance.

However some other differences are obivous… Iran and Iraq is struggling with keeping their own traditions and values, is both at war with each other while at the same time fighting to become indepent from Russia as seeing they are discontent under Russia's rule.

is there any questions?

I'll put more info about the world here as soon as I can think of any.
I'm on hitatus while I redo one of my webcomics. Be sure to check it out when I'n done! :)
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ozoneocean at 10:34AM, Feb. 6, 2007
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That's so groovy Aurora! A great looking map and good info too ^^
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