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Holy Mod - A new strip!
Encicra at 2:53PM, June 13, 2009
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That's right, here's the long awaited strip #15.

I finally figured out a nice way to do back grounds and a nice way to to the line art using the computer so it looks cleaner.

Let me know what you think, it has been a while and I'm sorry for that.

(Note: this is by far not my favorite strip of the bunch so far but I had to force through so I could move onto the next project - which I learned from ‘How To Make Webcomics’)

Also, for keeping up to date - I have a twitter Http://

That is often updated with latest projects and is fed by a tumblr blog as well. and Add me if you like my work, it's always appreciated.

Ignore the .com in the strip itself, I'm still setting up the page - so I'll actually have a proper site - Yay!

Hopefully you guys like the new strip. Comments/Ratings are appreciated too, it helps get the rank up and the word out!

You guys are awesome.
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