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Encicra at 6:55AM, July 13, 2008
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Good news folks, stuff is happening.

A bunch of changes going on behind the scenes. First, I needed larger paper because the strip is going to be wider, rather then longer like the first few before switching to square layouts, so I got new paper.

Second, the new website is half installed. I've got Wordpress onto a private host and am taking a break from Comicspress to write this. I can't imagine it being to fancy from the get go but it will be my own and not here on Drunkduck, so I think the site and its content (other then the strip) will mean a lot more to me and thus you'll see more.

I always feel like putting effort into these blogs doesn't really mean much because it just gets lost to the whole of this website rather then acting as a feature that people can care about in one way or another. So it will make everything more fun.

I can't wait!
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