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Encicra at 3:03PM, May 10, 2008
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Edit: May 12/08 - 50% finished sketching the strip.


Ok guys, good news.

There will be a new strip up real soon and I mean it, like by Monday May 12th/2008 there will be a new shiny strip here with a new format/layout, fully hand sketched (inked digitally) and probably a new news blog.

I've really been practicing my drawing on two strips called Andilire (Scifi) and Sketchpad Comic (Pop Culture) which you can find if you look at the other comics I make on my profile. Though Sketchpad Comic is on the back burner.

I get a good number of requests for MMORPC strips so I might as well keep updating. I figure I owe you guys about 8 to catch up with my minimum one per month rule eh?

Might just happen. I do love this strip but I'm terribly A.D.D and can come up with the next big idea every 10 seconds or so, so I bounce around from project to project. One day I'll share how many projects I actually work on, heh.

Alright, see you soon.
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