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Encicra at 12:48PM, July 29, 2007
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Check that shint out, eh.

I tried something differnt today with the comic, I gave one of the new characters actual eyes. So what do you guys think, does it look alright, add the the humor at all?

If its widely accepted I'll switch over all the characters eyes.

Also some people are saying the strips seems very crowded, not this particular strip but in general and claim I should make thicker dividers between the panels. I'd like to hear what you say about that as well.

Post it in the forums, link on the main page, so we can start up a good discussion about it, if one is needed. Don't need to register for the forum unless you haven't registered for the site and if you haven't registered for the site what are you waiting for? Get on here and make some comics.
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Fysh at 5:58PM, Aug. 6, 2007
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I personally like the regular eyes, but the “actual” eyes did help give him the crazy feel. The eyes just wouldn't fit to me since I am used to seeing them as just pupils.
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