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Update Blog 07/18/07
Encicra at 7:32AM, July 18, 2007
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Ok, so for those of you who actively check back here…thanks.

I FINALLY finish sketching out strip 11 so now I know what it will look like, for some reason I hit a serious mind block. SO, expect strip 11 up soon.

Another reason as to why it would be up soon is that I am going to be spending a lot more time on my comp due to a new business type thing I'm working on, so it'll give me a lot more time to work on projects such as MMORPC.

Be sure to check back.
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Fysh at 5:09PM, July 23, 2007
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To tell you the truth,no one believes you anymore. I mean I like being nice to everyone,but you need to hear this.

I was one of your members at comicdev. You kept promising and promising that your working on it and it will be better. Then it closed down without reason. Same with cia,you kept promising updates but never did. I mean I like your humor and art style,but if you want any active readers, you are going to need an update schedule,and you're going to need to stick to it. It could be the first day of every month,but atleast people will know when to check back.

And again, I didn't mean to be harsh but you need to get it together.
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Encicra at 9:01AM, July 26, 2007
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Comicdev has been a real pain to get off the ground but I don't like to give up on projects. The new site was suppose to be made back in May 07, which I payed money for but things got all screwy and the guy has finally started working on it but slowly. So that will surface eventually.

As for this comic, well, in previous blogs I said im probably going to decide what to do along the lines of constant/scheduled updates around strip 25. Around then there will be a bit of an archive the story will be full underway there will be a stronger sense of characters and whole bunch of other woopyblah.

Only have 10 more character poses to do and the background/lettering for strip 11 though so yes lol its coming soon.
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