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Story by Kytenji
Ozoneocean at 11:09AM, Feb. 6, 2007
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Kytenji made this story as part of a writer's challenge we had going in the art and lit forums a while ago.

:!: Warning: Some explicit language.

It was a dark empty hallway lined with blood and entrails of the poor pathetic soldiers that had stood in the way of her S.S.V.5 and their objective. Pinky was starting to get sick of having to mercilessly slaughter soldiers that didn�t even stand a snowballs chance in hell to stop her. She was sick of taking orders and damn well sick of this war. Hopefully completing her objective would bring the war closer to an end.
“This is disgusting.” Pinky said to herself as she commanded her S.S.V.5 farther down the hallway. Suddenly there was a flash of light as a Hotchkiss tank machine gun opened fire striking the S.S.V.5's forward window with its initial few shots.
“A few lucky shots…too bad for them I use mirrors.” Pinky opened fire sending the her first rounds through the gunners skull which promptly ruptured under the pressure caused by the large bullets entry into his cranium. Another two soldiers tried to rush to the Hotchkiss, but their guts were also soon strewn across the metallic floor.
“Why are they still fighting what could they possibly be trying to protect?” Pinky continued down the wide passage only to come across a huge bolted blast door which probably would have kept Pinky from moving any farther had it not been clearly very old and worn down. The door covered in rust and cob webs looked like as if it could easily be blown down with a rocket or two. “Something not right here…fuck it if they think they�re going to keep me from going any farther they're gonna be sorely mistaken.” Pinky switched to rockets, armed, then fired. A blinding flash accompanied by smoke and fire lit her cockpit, Pinky's head was swimming she could feel fresh cool blood dripping down her forehead then down past her chin and pool just below her neck. She was on her side something had happened, but what? Suddenly Pinky felt warm and carefree she was running through a field and was no older than eight maybe even nine. She had colored pencils in her hands, she pulled out a piece of paper and made a kind of funny swirl with a purple pencil, her favorite color, the swirl curled and curled until it would seem impossible to keep swirling were it not that she was now in the air coloring with her pencil, coloring the leaves and the grass brilliant purple! Then suddenly the color began to fade, split, and she had two pencils one red the other blue. She continued coloring forgetting all her other cares, then an explosion of pain rocked her entire sense of reality, she was back in the passage covered in blood and oil she was being moved. She was being moved and something was wrong with her neck! She could not move she could not scream all she could do was stare around at the passage way, stare at the blood now dripping down her arm and splattering the floor. Her blood. Then she stopped moving and she was dropped down on the metallic floor, a dark figure approached her, the figure raised one of its ugly appendages, it screamed! There was an explosion of pain, then nothing.

S.S.V.5 pilot “Pinky” was presumed K.I.A Feb. 14 when a mangled S.S.V.5 was found along a passage in an enemy stronghold, apparently caused by a rocket malfunction during firing. The loss of the S.S.V.5 is a regrettable set back. The pilots body was not recovered.

- LT. General K. Baker
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