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Terroquita at 4:03PM, Jan. 8, 2008
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I have changed the methods I use to make this comic a number of times, which is something I am not happy with. The present way seem to work the best though. I work now completely digital (except for some idea pre-sketches and such) and I have settled down with using ComicWorks together with InDesign. I have redone several pages that were done in other ways, and I plan to keep going back and redoing old pages while doing new ones as well. I figured out this way while working one of my other comics - Sam the Black Knight (a x-rated fantasy) and I have described it in a bit more detail there.

This forum thread will be open for discussions regarding how I work and I always appreciate constructive critizism. But please focus on the later pages as am not happy with most of the old ones anyway.
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