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New Style ( 22 Apr 07)
Priceman at 10:45PM, April 22, 2007
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After using photoshop to do the comic in full color (even if it was for only 4 pages), and using Manga Studio to use tones to make the comic look more manga oriented; i've now decided to try my hand at basic pencil. With every pic that i've done, i've always felt that it looked better in it's initial pencil form before I cleaned it up and had it redone digitally. So, going with that belief I decided to just leave the page the way it is, shade it with different lead types, and use photoshop to add the text. Wouldn't you know that peeps seem to really like it (I'll be damned).

Also, with this latest page, I also fixed another artistic problem of mine. Anyone that has seen my DA gallery has probabaly figured out that i'm more suited to pin-up/poster drawings. Basically, pics that take up the entire page. I don't really have the skill for drawing small things like details or small panel pages. My wife (aka= the editor) basically said “ why dont' you just use multiple pages and combine them since you don't like to draw small things?”. Seems she was right. I decided to use more pages so that i'll have more room for backgrounds and the like.

Anyway, i'll stick with doing things this way for the time being. You (the readers) seem to like it, It doesn't take as long to complete a page using the other methods, and I have more room to be more creative. Sounds like a winning combination to me.

Whacha think?

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