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The Status of page 25: The Blue Bug
kaminari at 2:15PM, Feb. 10, 2007
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Im about 45% done with this page.
I blame anime for this… but, I reeeeaaaalllly got into a few series and couldnt stop watching -.-*
I also finished a page for another comic that took me a while to complete and the coloring of that one has proved tedious. So that took away from my Narou time.

Anyhoo, look forward to seeing the return of a certain character and a cameo of another character from another story of mine (that I havent done yet because I do too many comics already!)

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-Edit 2/19/07-

Page 25 moves into the coloring process tonight so hopefully I will post it by 5am, not this evening/tom. morn, but next eve, day after morn.

-Edit 2/20/07-
Bad news for page 25 progress… My Fightsplosion fight just started so I have to give it priority over Narou since it has short deadlines. So expect another delay.
Wish me luck!

-Edit 2/21/07-
ejb agreed to help out with the flat colors of Narou p.25 while I work on my Fightsplosion intro pages, but ummm, he hasnt started yet. Hopefully he can get some done very soon.

-Edit 2/23/07-
ejb has been working on the coloring. Hopefully he'll send it to me within the next day or so. Meanwhile, my Fightsplosion page is coming along nicely!

MARCH 1ST - Narou page 25 is finally out and renamed Tavern Friends!! Enjoy =D

I am FS2 champion! w00t!!
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