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baby doll daily at 1:17AM, March 8, 2007
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I've been really disappointed with my art and writing for this comic lately. The art has been lazy, not my usual ‘flair’ and the subject matter's been handled very benignly. Very kinda, detached and ordinary. No characterization or weirdness - if you've read Strange Case, you'll know what I mean about WEIRDNESS. And my characters? I've had people write to me saying I managed to say through my characters things they've felt for years but never been able to say… if that isn't like, the Pulitzer prize version of writing a… let's be honest… *snarly voice* web comic… then I don't know what is!

I owe it to myself to buck up and do my best here. I enjoy writing this one! I love the crap out of concept arting for this. And boy, do I love mah girls in it *grin*.

So things will get better, faster, sexier and clever, er, er.

Expect to be satisfied :D
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