How to request for a template
KevinClifford at 6:35PM, Feb. 20, 2007
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If I linked you here, don't feel like I'm ignoring you, or something, I just have an organized way of doing things, so I ain't wasting my time :-\

To request for a template go create yourself a topic, here. Just a heads up, make sure you have step one done before you do step two, step two done before you do step three, step three done before you do step four, step four done before you do step five, and step seven done AFTER I've replied to your topic in the above link. Also, you will need not only an Instant Messenger (well, only if you want it done quicker… If time isn't a matter, then you don't need one, although I'd prefer it…) BUT to post at that board you must be registered and have at least 20 posts on my forums :D

Just be sure to:

1.) Have a minimum of 20 pages on your comic. DOES NOT INCLUDE FILLERS, CHAPTER PAGES, OR A TITLE PAGE. Or you can pay me 10 dollars and I'll do it tomorrow :DDDDDDDDDD

2.) I'm only doing PoKeMoN comic templates from now on.

3.) Make me a guest comic :V I'm serious. Previous guest comics don't count, you need to make a new one.

4.) Tell me the HTML color code for the background you desire. Or make a 100x100 image of the color you want. Do not SAY the color, I'm colorblind. Saying the color won't help either of us.

5.) Make a topic on my forums like I mentioned earlier.

6.) Wait for me to reply at the topic you create and be all “LOLK.”

7.) Make me the assistant of your comic.

Oh, and I do require one thing. You must own an Instant Messenger. If you do not own one, you're up shit's creek. By the way, that IM must be one that supports offline status…. Which are apparently only AIM and Y!M. (I don't care anymore, DD didn't have the PQ system when I original made this topic, zomg.)

Oh, btw, pay me 10 bucks American, and those rules totally don't exist :D…Nor will a copyright, so, yeah. That's, like, double win fo' life D: I need money :( (Five for character pages and any other special page :O )

This goes for Character Pages and shit, too. There's just another rules for those, I totally need the sprites and info that you want on there. If I make a character page, or any other special page for that matter, I'd have to make you a template anyway. D:

I need to post here more…
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