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AKA: Llewllyn “Llew or Lou” Connor
Age: 24
Sex: Male
Race: Human-Caucasian
Home: Brooklyn, NYC
Career Fields: Works In a New Age Book Store, Lives off a trust fund
Motivation: the Search for Knowledge
Origin: Llewllyn Connor grew up travelling the world with his Mother and father. His family volunteered for the Peace Corps and travelled to the region of Kashmir in an effort to help the victims of Violence. It was there that The Connors met their good friends, the Sammudasi Family, who lived in the District of Jammu serving the local temples. Llewllyn struck up a friendship with the oldest daughter Kriti and the two would often play together. When the Connors finished their tour with the Corps, Llewllyn Made a promise to Kriti to help her if she were to ever come to the United states.
When the Connors returned to the United States, Michael Connor (Llew's Dad)started a business selling antiques of a More New Age Bent, one of which was an ancient book supposedly belonging to the Arthurian Witch named Vivian. When Llewllyn accidently dropped the book, it opened and it's wards blasted Him with several potent spells. In the Store at the time was a Local Witch named Lady Brigid Seanacha who quicky cast some healing spells to keep Llewllyn alive.
She worked with Llewllyn over the next few years helping him adjust to the potent magical energies that coursed through His body.
When Llewllyn finally reached his 17th birthday, Michael was killed during a terrorist attack, trying to Help survivors escape when the towers fell. Leaving the Store to Lady Seanacha and some money to Llew and His Mother Linda, who became a fundementalist christian after the shock of her husband's Death.
Llewllyn, on the other hand, continued to be trained by Lady Seanacha and eventually made the choice to become a witch. As the Story begins, Llewllyn just completed his year and a day training when Kriti came to the united states to claim the Promise Llew made all those years ago….
Living Legends can be purchased Here. The System is used with out permission form the author, but is not intended to challenge his copyright.)
Living Legends Stats: (Base Points: 80 Weakness: 40 Total Cost: 120)
Physique: 7/27* Hits: 7/27* Weight: 80kg Lift: 70kg/270 kg Leap: 0/3m Dice: d4/d10*
Reflexes: 11 Dice: d6
Deftness: 11 (Originally 4)^ Dice: d6
Intellect: 7 Dice:d4
Cool: 11 Dice:d6
Vitality: 11 Dice:d6 NRG: 11

Powers: (These are the powers He gained when He was struck by the wards of the “Book Of Vivian” which activated his latent Metahuman genes)
Flight: Top Speed 48 hexes Acc: 16 Hexes (Roughly 46 kph)
^Heightened Deftness: +7
Bloodless: No NRG loss from wounds.

Spells: as an Initiate Llewllyn learned the following spells:
Magic Multi Power (Requires a Magic Skill Roll, Requires Gestures and Incantation)
Bolt of Flame: Damage d10, Range 12 hexes (roughly 24 meters): a single bolt of flame used for Offense
*Strength of Heroes: +20 Strength for 15 minutes

Artifact: Armor of Light (This is a suit of Magical armor given to him by Kriti as a dowry for her services as His Concubine. It is rumored to have been worn by Lord Rama; the seventh Avatar of Vishnu.)It confers the following abilities:
Light: 3" (Roughly 6 meters radius)
Armor: 5 (It protects from Blunt Physcal Damage, Sharp Physical Damage, and Mystical attacks.)

Assess Value: d6
Profession: Psychologist: d4
Seduction: d8
Convince: d8
Magic: d8
Unarmed Combat: d6

Sidekick: Kriti Sammudasi (Base:40 cp Weakness:20 Total: 60 Points) (More on her later)
Wealth: (Wealth Roll 1d6)

Human Characteristics: Although He has been Mutated He is an average ordinary Human, Hence He wont go beyond human abilities without Magical enhancement.
Dependant Intense Light: (Once per day/D10 damage): Due to His Mutated Physiology, Warmage needs to bathe in intense Light once perday which contains UV radiation Sunlight will suffice or Sunlamps.
Compulsion: Honorbound (Common situation/ Resist: +4)If Given Llewellyn will keep his word No matter what He agreed to, He can resist but it would tak a monumental effort on His part.
Quirk: Lecherous: He Loves the ladies…and is Poly amourous. While He does respect women, His remarks are somewhat sexually charged.
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