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Important News!
Dumok at 4:03PM, June 14, 2009
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I decided that I am going to revamp how I am doing the web-comics, Starting this month which will affect the July Titles.

1) I have a project coming up out side of my comics that will take up some time. Hopefully this will lead to Other Opportunities for me. But More on that Later.

2) I am going to be dropping War-Mage and Shadow-Root from My Project list. As much fun as I had Drawing them, they really aren't my most popular titles, and the stories really aren't where I want them to be. so for the time being they are going on haitus. I might work on them again, I might not, but If I do, They will be started Over.

3) Monster Lover will be started over, With a lot changes and some new Ideas. Of all the titles I have this is by far the most successful, especially with the Furry crowd, But to be honest the initial art sucks big time; And it really doesn't convey the feeling of Pokemon meets D+D that I wanted.
So I am going to move it to Sci-Fantasy and see how it goes from there.

4) A Call to Destiny Reloaded: this I will still keep working on, The art and the story have improved a lot and I am happy with it!

5) Alter-Verse: This is my Branching out project to a more family friendly audience, and it's really too soon to determine if it's successful yet.

6) I do have another project that I am working on that I am keeping for a certain Audience that I have. I am going to go through with that project and see what happens.

The reasons I am doing this is because My art has improved significantly since I started and to be honest, It's really hard to read the titles from the beginning since I really stunk up the stories so bad.
Being My own worst critic; I have decided to do the work some justice by Making sure that I focus on the new and improved artwork so I can finally get some paying Gigs. Yes, I know it's mercenary but I really want to get to the point where I feel confident about my work. Not just in a Shameless self-Promoting kind of way, but I want Folks in the Comic industry to say “HOLY SHIT! THIS IS FUCKING GOOD!” not just “Well you just keep working and you'll get better” (Which is helpful, but kind of condescending in a “look at what my two year old did”).

All of that being said, I decided to work at tying the stories together at some point. This is going to be WAY difficult, but If I do it right, I think I will have a rather successful set of titles. With that, they are going to be tied into A Call to Destiny in some way shape or form. This way I am not all over the place with the Genres.

Wish Me success!
and thanks for the Advice and Love!
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