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New Book Out!! Monster Lover: Wrath of the Harpy!
Dumok at 10:09AM, Feb. 4, 2008
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Alright Fan boys and Fan Girls, the Third Monster Lover Comic is out, Wrath of the harpy is available in as a downloadable pdf file:
and at as well as a printable copy on Here.
Included in the comic is a written History of Avellos to kind of help folks place what events happened where and I have added a full color map of Avellos. I am considering writing up the Monster Lover Campaign as a Suppliment for the True20 RPG.

Make sure you purchase a download ASAP and if you are really feeling brave, Purchase a dead-tree edition. Yes it's a little pricey but hey Uncle Dumok is worth it ;)

Also Get yourselves over to cafepress and pick up some of My NIFTY SWAG. I added some new t-shirts with Rivka and Kriti, and I plan on a new Taura Shirt to be comming up soon!
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