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The History of Aevellos Part 1 (The World of Monster Lover)
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History of Aevellos (Detailed)
The Creation of the world/The Council of the Old Gods (Unknown) in the ancient past the gods gathered and created the Universe. They made many worlds however they paid specific attention to the island of Aevellos, setting Events in Motion including the creation of the First Races.

The rise of the First Races (Fae, Giants, Oni, Dragons, Celestials and Fiends): (Roughly 50,000 years ago) The Various Gods went about in creating the First Races which would inhabit the Universe. While the Celestials and Fiends would reside primarily in the outer planes, the others would reside in the Prime Material Plane where they would build the First civilizations.

Rise of the Old Races (Elves, Dwarves, Orcs, Gnomes, Lizard Folk, Kobolds, Snake-people): (Roughly 40,000 years ago, Ancient year 0): From the First races the Old Races arose,.
Elves and Gnomes arose from the Fae
Dwarves were made by the Giants
Orcs: were made by the Oni
Lizard-Men, Kobolds, and Snake People were created by the Dragons.

The Old Races worked as servants of the First Races, building their empires which covered much of the Island of Aevellos. The Oni built their domains in the cold Northern Lands, the Dragons took the southern Islands and the tip of Aevellos. The Giants took the Western part of the massive island (Including what would be called the Dragon Back Mountains) and The Fae took the Forests and swamps of the Middle of the Island. Things were relatively peaceful at first each of the Old races blissfully ignorant of the other. That all changed when the Fiends decided that they would make their presence known.

The First Oni War: (Ancient year: 2000-2300): The Fiends had decided to Manipulate the Oni by whispering dreams of conquest into their minds, the First Oni Emperor Dai Rukha Maru, heeded the seductive call of the planes of Vice and Mobilized his forces to fight first against the Giants of the dragon back Mountains. In spite of the Giant’s best efforts the Oni with their Fiendish backed armies soon conquered the Giants demolishing their cities and scattering their people. Only the stubborn Dwarven servants held the deep part of the mountains. The Oni then moved upon the kingdoms of the fae who proved to be more difficult than they imagined, Aided by the Celestials, the fae fought back the Oni keeping them on their own borders. Both sides suffered a tremendous loss of life but the Oni was held in check. Never the less, the Oni Empire was born.

The Oni Empire Rules: Dai Rukha Maru Rules the empire for over 800 years until he was finally succeeded by His Son Dai Shune Maru the first. During that time the Oni worked feverishly to build up his forces.

Rise of Young Races (Humans, Halflings, Otter Folks, Goblins, Hobgoblins): On both sides, the Fae and the Oni worked to develop new servitor races to assist them in their cause. The Fae created the Halflings, the otter Folk and the Goblinoids. The Oni on the other hand created their most dangerous race, a creature capable of flexibility in their minds and bodies; known through out the world as HUMANS.

The Second Oni War: (Ancient year: 3000) Dai Shune Maru’s Army marches once more in a series of lightning raids with his Oni, Orcish, Giant and Human armies. They conquer much of the fae’s territory and begin to take their most ambitious campaign yet, to march on the Dragon Territories. The Dragons, having seen what had happened with the Fae and Giant forces, realized that they were next and rose up as ONE and fought back the Oni with a wrath unparalleled, defeating the Oni Forces in a decisive battle which Killed Dai Shune Maru. Demoralized, the Oni fled back to their kingdom to lick their wounds and plan.

Reign of Dai Shune Maru the second (Ancient year: 3300) After the Death of His father, Dai Shune Maru the Second assumed the reigns of power, during one of the more difficult periods of the Oni Empire.

Challenge of the Four “Brothers”: (Ancient Year: Spring; 3400) Hidden within the Oni Empire the humans began to plot to overthrow their Oni masters. The leaders of this insurrection are four men who swore an oath of loyalty, determined to destroy the yoke of the Oni once and for all. Their names are Drakra a half-demon warrior, Morek: priest of Aeval (the God of Justice and War), The Hob-goblin Chieftain Jumok, and Togath, a half-elven criminal. Together they formed the nucleus of what would bring about the doom of Dai Shune Maru.

One of the first things the four brothers did was consolidate the Fae and Dwarven forces under their banner. They then sent emissaries to the Dragons, spending many days trying to convince them that there exists a fifth column within the Oni willing to bring about their demise. Once this was done, they began a series of lighting strikes within the very heart of the Oni capital. They then fled to ready their forces for the coming conflict. Dai Shune Maru However erupted in rage and decided to end the shame of His father by launching one last strike against the Dragons and consolidate his power once and for all.

Drakra’s Gamit: (Ancient year: Spring; 3425): Fleeing to the Dragon’s Kingdom, Drakra gathered an Army of Humans, Kobolds, and Dragons forming a dreaded aerial/nautical assault team, with a fortress on the Snake’s Tooth Islands (now called “Freeport”). As the Oni Army sailed and Marched towards the Dragon Kingdoms, led an all out attack, Inspite of Overwhelming forces on the Oni Side, His troops worked their aerial superiority to pound them mercilessly. However, In spite of their hard work and Drakra’s Fiendish intellect Dai Shune Maru’s forces were slowly beginning to overwhelm the Dark Lord’s Forces. It was time to get help…

Jumok’s Charge (Ancient year: Winter; 3427) Once Jumok learned of Drakra’s plight He gathered his goblinoids and rode for many days Joining his commerade, in a desperate battle. Together they led their forces to push back the forces of Dai Shune Maru until finally the Dragons were able to muster their forces in one final push against the Oni. However, Both Drakra and Jumok were finally killed in a desperate battle. The victory was costly as Dai Shune Maru himself, gravely wounded, was transported back to His capitol.

Togath’s Dagger: (Ancient Year: Spring; 3428) The Dragons, encouraged they their pyrrhic victory, pressed the advantage forward Inching deeper and Deeper into Oni Territory. Togath on the Other hand had his own task consolidating the Elves and other Fae to finally over throw the yoke of the Oni. Using stealth and guile, He led a serious of spectacular assassinations of many members of Dai Shune Maru’s cabinet including his Warlord, Shogun Nakumura, in a glorious ambush that resulted in the Warlord being returned to Dai Shune Maru in several small coffers with pieces being no more than an inch long. Togath barely escaped capture many times until he rejoined Morek for One last battle.

Morek’s Sacrifice (End of the Third Oni War) (Ancient Year: Winter; 3428), as the Dragons closed in on Dai Shune Maru’s forces, They were joined by the Fae and Dwarven forces uniting to make one last push towards the Oni capitol, Rapidly defeating Dai Shune’s forces in a series of powerful battles. Morek and Togath had managed to sneak into the very Stronghold of the Oni King locked in a dire battle of magic and steel. Finally ending up over the skies of the capitol, Both Morek and Togath unleashed a series of horrific attacks on Dai Shune Maru but at tremendous personal cost to themselves. Togath was finally cleft in twain by the Oni’s Weapon “Woe” but the Half-Elf’s Sacrifice allowed Morek to cast One final spell, burning Dai Shune maru in a Blazing bolt of holy light. The Oni King, However, managed a final strike ending the life of the beloved priest as they both plummeted to the ground, dead, finally ending the centuries-long rule of the Oni Empire.

Rising from the Wreckage: (Ancient year: Winter; 3428-3750) after the horrific Oni War, The various civilizations began rebuilding after the loss of so many lives and resources. Within a few centuries even the more advanced civilizations began to decline into barbarism without a single unifying factor.

Piracy on the Seas (Spring 3750-3850) Once the Oni Kingdoms were finally destroyed, Drakra’s nautical forces turned to Piracy in order to survive. Rumors have it that while disciplined and maintained, they were still some of the most dangerous pirates in known history. They use Drakra’s old citadel and the surrounding area as their base of Operations. (For More Information see “Free Port City of Adventure”)

Theocracy of Aeval Founded (Spring 3750-Winter 3945) Inspite of the decline into barbarism, a group of Morek’s followers gathered together on the eastern coast to form a sanctuary for the Worship of Aeval Called “Sanctum”) They eventually began the construction of several fortress cities along the Eastern coast. The High Priest Fallon Storm-Shatterer declared both Morek and Drakra Martyrs for the faith; Togath, on the other hand, becomes a great Hero to the Elven People and Jumok Enters History as one of the greatest Hob-goblin generals to have existed.

The First Goblin-Dwarf War (Winter 3946-Summer 3948) After the Goblinoids had settled into the swamps south of the Dragon Back Mountains, They began to compete with the dwarves over many resources. Eventually, the two kingdoms began a series of skirmishes that developed into full scale war. Eventually the Conflict ended when the newly formed Theocracy of Aeval stepped in on the Side of the dwarves forcing the goblinoids to retreat back into the swamps.

The Orc Invasion (Winter 3951-3960) the first great test of the blossoming Theocracy came when Orcish Tribes began to raid various settlements on their Northern Border. Believed to be the remnants of the Oni army, The Crusading army moved quickly under two new orders, The Order of Morek and the Order of Drakra, Both groups worked efficiently to not only repel the Orcish hordes but also chase them back up north.

The Corruption of Aeval (Fall 3975-3980): With their power firmly in place, The Priests of Aeval began to tighten up their rule of the cities. With a series of Scathing Sermons and Edicts, the High Priest Fallon Storm-Shatterer began his declining years declared that Humans were the only race blessed by the God Aeval. He then formally exiled Non-Humans from the borders of the theocracy along with Practitioners of the Arcane Arts like Wizards, Bards and Sorcerers. High Priest Storm-Shatterer finally died under mysterious circumstances and was replaced by an even more radical Moren Thunder blade, a Member of the Order of Drakra.

The Dark Elf Succession (3981-4003) The Elves had their own problems, Unbeknownst to them; the final battle of Dai Shune Maru had left traces of chaotic energy which had slowly begun affecting several members of their race with an odd malady; which turns their skins dark and created sensitivity to sunlight. In spite of every attempt to cure them, the afflicted elves were finally banished en-masse from the elven forest. The Afflicted elves eventually traveled to the southern regions into the underground caverns of the Under World. They finally founded a City known as Ever-Night which now serves as their capitol.

The Necrite Curse (Founding of the City of Death): (Fall 4035-Summer 4066) Because of Aeval’s oppressive policies, many human refugees began gathering in the Plains south of the goblin swamps. However, a Priest of Nashgun, the God of Death began gathering a small dooms day cult among the refugees, While Nashgun is not an Evil God; The Priest began to create a group of assassins to help solidify his power and wound up forming a camp in the southern most forest of the Island. The city eventually became a Haven for thrill seekers, the disenfranchised and many other malcontent humans. Nashgun soon became so Insulted by the perversion of His religion, He cursed the priest and his followers with a state of hovering between life and death. The priest did repent of His misdeeds however the people were cursed with this state for all time as a reminder to never blaspheme His power again; Ever since the cursed people have been called the Necrites.

The Second Goblin-Dwarf War (Summer 4066) Once again the Goblinoids began competing with the Dwarves for various resources, Under the command of a Chieftain Named “Red-Cap”, the Goblinoid tribes united to fight against the dwarves during a short conflict eventually pushing the Dwarves back to their mountain forts.

The Dark Crusade (Spring 4070) Upon His election to the High Priest’s Office, Polen Orc-Ripper declared a full out crusade in order to “reclaim the lost children of Aeval and crush the blasphemous creatures hindering Humanity from its Just cause.” The Crusaders Marched their way towards the refugee camps to the South of the goblin swamps. During that time, however, Red-Cap had organized a raid of the camps for slaves and food. He was so enraged that the crusaders were going after HIS slaves, Red-Cap Led the charge against the crusaders effectively rescuing them from the Theocrat’s blades. A leader of the Refugees, seeing that the goblinoids routed their former persecutors, thought quickly and managed to negotiate a settlement where the goblinoids protect the refugees in exchange for lucrative deals on trade. Red-Cap admired the leader’s balls in making such a deal, and agreed citing the first ever treaty between the Humans and Goblinoids. The Leader (known as Marcus Raven’s Moore) was later honored, when He built the City of Marcusa, by being declared the first Free King.

The Third Goblin-Dwarf War (Spring 4075): The Ancient rivalry once again reared its head when the Dwarven Kings decided to once again purge the goblinoid infestation from their mountains, they began a new campaign in earnest by Marching towards the swamps, Red-Cap gathered his forces and the two races gathered together in the border of their lands. They locked into combat neither side gaining any substantial victory. The High Priest Olen Orc-Ripper saw a unique opportunity and launched his forces against the two races to cripple them allowing Aeval to take their lands to expand their borders. Once the crusaders emerged upon the battle, Red-Cap and the Dwarven Kings decided to end hostilities between them and turned on Aeval. Both races fought off the crusaders in a clear and humiliating victory. Marcus Raven’s Moore immediately sent diplomats to negotiate a peace treaty between the Goblins and Dwarves, after several weeks of negotiation they managed to procure a cessation of hostilities.
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The Grudging Truce (Fall 4075) after the cease fire was enacted; Marcus finally negotiates the first ever recorded peace accord between the Goblins and the Dwarves which included trade agreements, However, not all the tribes were in favor of the treaty; sparking a Massive Civil war between the Goblins.

The Goblin Civil War (Winter 4075-Winter 4077) The Civil war erupted between the goblinoids lasting two years; after a series of costly wars, (One of which ended in the Death of Red-Cap) The Goblinoid tribes finally broke off the conflict separating into three main tribes:

Burning Man: a Tribe which agreed to honor the grudging truce, they have remained faithful to the truce to this day.

Dwarf-Bones: A Tribe which intends to continue the ancient rivalries between the goblins and the dwarves.

Screaming Ones: a tribe of Isolationists who prefer to be left alone, while not being hostile, they do not involve themselves in any politics which do not affect them directly.

The Free Trade Cities: (Spring 4078-Summer 4084): After the end of the Goblin Civil War, Marcusa began the construction of its most ambitious plan yet. They began construction of Several Free Trade Cities along the Tolbin River which lies between the Goblin Swamps and the Elven Forests. Amused by their Human neighbor’s attempts to keep peace through trade, the Elves signed the Grudging Truce in an effort to boost its own trade. The Newly formed “Free-Trade Alliance” soon worked to fortify the cities with each one ruled by one of the races which joined the alliance. Having seen one of his dreams come to pass, Marcus Raven’s Moore finally passed on in the autumn of 4084.

The Second Dark Crusade: (Spring 4087) When he realized that the newly formed “Free trade Alliance” threatened his power, High Priest Polen launched a series of scathing sermons; referring to the new alliance as “A decadent mongrel nation dedicated to the blasphemy of the great Lord Aeval”. He decided to attack what he perceived as a weak link in the alliance, the weakened goblin tribes. The Crusaders marched onto the goblin swamps attacking in several brutal and bloody strikes. Desperate for aid, Madjerik, the current Mogur of Burning man sent word to Marcusa, the Elves, and the Dwarves, demanding that they honor the treaty. Within one day of receiving the request, all three immediately sent troops to aid their new allies. Polen, however had many other tricks up his sleeve.

The March of the Dragons: (Summer: 4087) Polen had managed to send emissaries to the black dragon, Onwagd, requesting his aid in this new crusade. In spite of their mutual disdain, Onwagd agreed in exchange for putting his territory on the northern border of Aeval along with his “family”. Polen agreed, believing that his forces could destroy the Ancient dragon at a later time. Once agreed, Onwagd Immediately launched his forces against the Free trade Alliance attacking their armies. The combined armies suffered a truly humiliating defeat at the hands of the forces of Onwagd and Aeval and it appeared as though the Alliance was doomed. However, Madjerik had an ambitious plan.

The Capture of Caraenus (Fall 4087-Summer 4090) As the Alliance forces gathered in secrecy, Madjerik announced a plan which would assure victory to the forces, Marcusa and the Elves would proceed to deal with Onwagd’s forces given the Elves ability with magic and the Human’s natural adaptability. The Dwarves and the Goblins (given their work underground), however would focus their armies on attacking the crusaders at the deployment site of the Fortress known as “Caraenus”. The campaign was launched in a series of battles led by four generals Silarien Silverleaf of the Elves, Grodin Greymane of Marcusa, Moradin Stone-hammer of the Dwarves, and Erm-Pok, A Bug-Bear who is Madjerik’s most trusted second in command.

The Elven/ Human armies began by launching a series of storming attacks against the Dragon armies using small teams of specially trained forces designed to deliver damage as quickly as possible. The Goblin and Dwarven Armies marched on to the city of Caraenus Using several underground tunnels beginning from the swamp and the dragon back mountains. Using a series of carefully planted explosives, they destroyed the outer walls of Caraenus, and immediately captured the City. The Alliance, however did not take too long to congratulate themselves, for they knew their work was not done.

The Founding of Abun-Sudh: (Fall 4093) In the mean time, a group of wizards head to an old Oni fortress named “Abun-Sudh” and discover a massive cache of spell books and magical items. Eager to study such items of power they hire mercenaries from the Northern Barbarians to guard them. Eventually the city would become a beacon of arcane knowledge where the College of Magic is founded.

The Orc-Barbarian War: (Winter 4093) with the barbarians weakened from the mercenaries guarding Abun-Sudh, the Orcs begin a campaign of Pillaging the “defenseless” tribes; eventually the Mages of Abun-Sudh went to assist their allies. This led to one of the briefest conflicts in Aevellos History. Within a matter of weeks the Orcs retreated before the Might of the combined forces. However they still refused to get involved with the war between the Free trade alliance and the Theocracy of Aeval.

The Dire Year (Spring 4094-winter 4094)Madjerik and the four generals continued to press their advantage until the Forces of Onwagd and The Theocrats had finally united all their forces into a battle to crush the Alliance forces. For several months Madjerik’s forces were forced to retreat through out a series of horrific battles; The fractured Alliance forces were finally forced to unite their forces with many threatening to desert or even revolt against Madjerik and His generals. The Goblin Chief met with his generals and decided to leave the leader ship to them while he personally went on a quest to beseech help from the Mages of Abun-Sudh. Either they would help in this battle or give him the means to do win. Figuring they had nothing to lose they agreed and worked towards rebuilding their forces.

The Fist of Wrath (winter 4094-Spring 4095): Madjerik had arrived in Abun-Sudh after weeks of travel; Even then, He was forced to camp outside the newly renovated fortress while he waited for the Magi to answer him. It was commonly believed that the Mages had no intention with meeting the Goblin Chieftain, and decided to wait him out allowing him to either leave or Do something Stupid. Madjerik decided to do neither, and called for his Shamans to gather with him. The lead Shaman (A female called “Red-Plague”) came to him alone and reassured the Chieftain that she would get him into the door. She then approached the city gates demanding for her master to be allowed entrance. The City guards laughed training their bows and crossbows urging her to leave matters well enough alone. After a few choice words from the shaman, the guards let loose a volley of bows and bolts which then HOVERED in mid air after a gesture from Red-Plague…who then returned the projectiles to the guards in a manner that caused the survivors to walk funny for the rest of their lives. She then politely requested to have her master be given access to the city, to which the Magi complied and allowed Madjerik to speak with the leaders of the city. After a rather tense series of negotiations, Madjerik finally left, although they would not help directly they did however give him the means to deal with the Dark Crusade, the Treasures of Dai Shune Maru himself Scratch: The Ruby Sword, The Shield of Might, The armor of Sorrow, and the Banner of Courage.

Victory of the Grudging Allies (Spring 4095): When Madjerik finally returned from Abun-Sudh, He began a renewed campaign beginning from Caraenus, Encouraging the Allied forces and distributing the Treasures of Dai Shune Maru to the generals. His first goal was the defeat of Onwagd the Dragon; leading His Goblin and Elven troops towards the Dragon’s Mountain fortress. The Battle was joined in earnest against Onwagd’s forces while the dwarves and Humans marched forward to fight against the Theocrats. When Madjerik finally encountered the Dragon, He personally fought against the Dragon with Erm-Pok and Silarien Silverleaf at his side while His forces fought against the Orcish and Kobold mercenaries. The Sky darkened as the Three Generals worked to unleash mighty weapons and magics against the dragons. Madjerik finally succeeded when He, Red-Plague and Silarien unleashed a mighty spell imprisoning Onwagd within his mountain fortress…. Seeing their Leader captured by the Goblins and Elves, the Orcs and Kobolds Fled. He then marched his forces to meet with the Dwarves and Humans to lay siege to Sanctum, the very heart of the theocracy itself. The siege lasted for several days as the Alliance forces whittled away at the walls while The theocrats blasted away with Divine spells and Archers. Once the Walls collapsed, the Alliance marched hard into the City until Madjerik came face to face with Polen Orc-Splitter himself. Armed with Scratch, the chieftain fought hard against the High priest as a multitude of powerful magic flew back and forth between them. The fighting armies finally stood in silent awe as the battle until finally Madjerik Cleaved the High priest’s head off. Unfortunately, Madjerik himself was slain by the High Priest’s last spell, a potent bolt of Flame which ignited the Great chieftain.

The Alliance however could not completely celebrate it’s victory since they lost their leader. Red-Plague However Rose up and gave her endorsement of Madjerik’s youngest son Dhrorno as the new Chieftain.

Dhrorno then negotiated with the Theocrats along with the Nobles of Marcusa, and the Seelie Court. That while Aeval would not be destroyed as a nation, they will never again reach the kind of military power they once did. Later, The Theocracy finally agreed to sign the grudging truce and joined the Alliance; After electing a new High priest: Tyven Lightstorm of the Order of Morek.

Current time: (Early Spring 4097)
For two years there has been relative peace in the realm, things are still tense and emotions are still raw since the Second Dark Crusade. There have been some problems with a new race of creatures called the Gnolls coming from the north to raid human settlements; While Orcs Still Lurk in the background ordering the attacks. There have also been rumors of Flashing Lights and eerie sounds coming from the Old Oni Capital. Abun-Sudh is now a full-fledged city composed of Magi and their barbarian guards. That while theoretically neutral, No one really knows what Side the Magi of Abun-Sudh are really on.

The City of Free Port while Formally a haven for pirates, has been working to become a respectable city and join the free trade alliance.

The Dragon Nation of the South has also been monitoring the Free Alliance Cities for reasons known only to them.
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