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BackGround: Minotaur
Class: Monstrous Humanoid
Level: 1 (Level Lag: 3 She has to wait until Adam advances to Level three before She can advace to Level two)
Virtue: Determined (She is very strong willed)
Vice: Insentitive (She has the empathy of a Rock)
Height: 7'0"
Weight: 500lbs.
Size: Large
Special Abilities:
Dark Vision 60' (She can see in the dark as Black and White)
Natural Cunning: She can never get lost (Works real well in Mazes)
Gore (She has Horns)
Scent (She can identify people by their scent.)
Weapon Training (She knows how to use all Martial Weapons)
Dedicated to Adam (She has a +4 bonus to any saving throw against spells or attacks which would cause her to betray Adam.)
Battle Axe: This is her main weapon in combat.
Gore: She can also use her horns to attack in Melee
Powerful Charge: With a running start, Taura can Charge into her opponents doing Massive amounts of damage with her attack.
BackGround: Taura is a minotaur who is the Daughter of the Legendary “Big Red” the Pet Monster of Darrin Zosh. She grew up with her life long friend and new trainer Adam. She has Now Joined with Adam to travel to the City of Abun Sudh for a great contest for Monster trainers.
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