Crossovers and Comic geography

Notes on crossovers, Cameos etc..
Dumok at 11:56AM, March 21, 2007
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Well Keep this really simple and build on it from there, WarMage is Currently set up in Brooklyn New york. I also try to stay ahead of the comic by at least two to three weeks ahead of going live so it will take while before anything gets seen or noticed here. If you want your character to Show up in WarMage, Just PQ me and let me know what you want. If you want WarMage or any of the other characters to Show up in your comic then please let me know so I can approve the Cameo and Maybe make the occassional suggestion. I would like to see the work in advance if possible. If I initiate the cameo you will be PQ'ed or E-mailed with the request and I will show you my work in advance for any suggestions you have.

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