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Freux at 12:48AM, Aug. 18, 2007
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I heard rumors months ago about guest artists helping out with civil war strips. Is that still going to happen? I think we should at least post and let THE TEAM know who's interested/willing for whenever Zacriot/Riotzac need a break. Ya ya? Yaaa?

I want more carnage! :D
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Nikai Nockturne at 12:53AM, Aug. 18, 2007
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Freux you freaky little girl! Nice to see you back….I might do one…My art skillz don't match up to a lot of people on drunk duck…but I'd be curious at what I should turn out.
<—Click it…or be toaster pwned.
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Evil_Snuffkin at 3:41PM, Aug. 18, 2007
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I haven't really heard anything like that but if they do ask I'd be willing to put a few things on hold in order to produce some pages. Only problem is that I'm pretty sure that said something about wanting to print this eventually and seeing as I have no idea how to sort out my dpi (…if you'd like to help me go here ) I might not be much use.
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Glarg at 4:30PM, Aug. 18, 2007
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I'd be happy to lend a hand if needed.
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