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black_emerald at 1:42AM, March 25, 2007
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Hi all

It seems to me that we have loads of people making their own banners and using the I'm with Riot/Zac banners, which in itself is great and really demonstrates that people are participating.

It just seemed to me that we need a true symbol to prove that, whichever ‘side’ we take, we take it together and that we take it to support!

Ergo, I made 3 uniting banners for everyone:

'Standard' (as if anything or anyone on DD is standard! Diversity forever!)

'Unique Duck' (it is ‘THE’ DrunkDuck, after all!)

'.Com' (online, on form)

Apologies for using the actual DD logo; admin please let me know if you're not happy and I'll draw the eyes again and remake the banners.

Onoe more thing, it would be most uniting if this banner came before all others in your sigs, not because i want the attention but it does demonstrate that we put the DrunkDuck circle before the Civil War event. Just a though ;)

Use well my friends!
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