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Nick at 4:16AM, April 17, 2007
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Some of you have gotten word from me via Private Quacks about this little project and I wanted to let you all know this is not a joke, this is not some gag. We have a few people already interested in this…

Kevin Guhl from Detective Fork
Miruku from Emma
Zac from New Luciefer / Drunk Duck Civil War
Zoe from Earthbound
Peipei from The Faction
Green_Tangerine from This Ego of Mine
Ryan from Short Bus Brothel
artificial_sunshine from Daily Dosage of Happiness
Nathan “Kidsplinter”
Phil Carter
Kc Green

I'd like to see a few more faces involved in D4K Presents. Below is all the information I currently am gathering on the subject. You might of read some of it, but if there is something that is not clear to you… then by all means… ASK/INQUIRE. This is the first time I am organizing something, and while I rather keep it intimate with a small group of people who I admire, if we don't get enough, we may have to open it up.

What now?
It's a book that collects creator-owned work or the artists telling a D4K story or piece of fan-art. Overall Page Range of the book is TBA. Also, color or B&W is TBA as well. These collections would be noted as “D4K Presents” (D4K stands for Dribble For Kids, my own webcomic.)

What Would We Have To Do?
Being that the concept is to help fledging artists like myself, and give us something to sell at comic-book conventions or other areas to get the word out, not just for us, but for other artists. So, with that concept in mind, D4K Presents is the artist/creator doing their own ‘creator-owned’ piece or doing a D4K story. While I am working on a guidelines on doing both, such as, if you do your own creator-owned, you would need to at least do a D4K story.

But Nitro! I don't have the $$$ to help you self-publish!!
Don't worry about that. Well, sorta. I will handle the general proof, but the comic itself is ordered via print-by-demand, and would be available only to us online at the basic rate from KA-BLAMM. Being it is D4K Presents meaning, I am presenting it, I am covering the cost of the proof, etc.

Wait, Huh? Print By Demand?
Yeah. Buying it at the base rate per book, the goal is to by the book yourself and then when you sell it yourself at comic book conventions or to your friends, you can sell it to your friends or other comic-con goers at your own price set, meaning you make PROFIT.

But What About Copyrights?
This part is a bit complicated but here is the jux of the situation:

While D4K Presents is an anthology of stories of Dribble For Kids or other creator-owned properties, besides being printed online by myself or in printed format for the Print On Demand offering for ourselves, the art belongs to you, the creator owned characters STAY creator owned, and the D4K characters are mine. Simple as that.

So How Do You or “We” Get Profit Then?
In two ways.
1) Advertising.
A huge enjoyable ad. This “Anthology” is just that. It could range from Detective Fork prowling Silver City, to Luciefer and Arthur galavanting around on adventures of daring doo, or Zac and Kevin writing a Dribble For Kids story. Each story would be plainly noted that it was done by this artist, and the website where to find them, etc. So no matter if D4K Presents is initially with D4K characters, or has just the logo “D4K Presents” on it, it would be a host of artists and their craft, and maybe their characters and thus, it plugs not just me, but also Kevin, and Zac, and whoever else is involved.

2) Create Your Own Price.
When you by the books for basic rate, it means you are paying for the general printing costs. While normally, if you print a book for say, 5 bucks, meaning it costs 5 bucks, and that is the bare minimum to pay for the book, you can set the price to whatever you want. So if you go to a comic book convention and decide to upsell the price of the book to 10 bucks, YOU make 5 dollars profit.

So what all are we paying for then? Cos Again Nitro, I don't have a lot of bling bling.
Well, because I am covering the cost of the basic proof, you only have to pay the cost of shipping of the books to your location or domicile, and the bare minimum of the book itself. So if you order 10 books at 2 bucks a pop, I will not make any profit off of this besides advertising for D4K and getting the D4K name out there, like you if you participate! So you'll be paying $20.00 for 10 books, and plus shipping will be like $25.00 or something to that affect.

When must I give a heads up if I am contributing to the book or not
June 1rst, 2007. From there we can see who's in, who's out, and the general shape of the book in general.

When Do Pages Need to Be Turned In So I Can Take the Book “To Press”?
I am still deciding a deadline, but right now, it is between August 1rst, 2007.

So How Do I Be Apart Of This? This Sounds Cool! I'm Totally In.
After some deliberation, you can do either of the three.

1) Do a Dribble For Kids Storyline.
Ranging from a gag-a-day-like comic strip (like D4K's ye olden days) or a full fledge 3-10 page mini-story or even more so…. If you want to make it cannon, (meaning apart of actual history of the D4K verse, I'll help out and be all “Matt Groening” on it. )
All Dribble For Kids Stories will have an introduction by myself or one of the D4K characters, and will notate the following:
Your Name
The Webcomic You Created, it's Name
Your Website/Home Base of Opperations
E-mail Address or anything else you might wanna try to plug (within reason.)

2) A Creator-Owned Piece.
This is a piece which is owned by the creator (like Detective Fork, for example, a story is done and submitted by Kevin, the creator of Detective Fork.) Make sure that you have a “title card” of sorts or somewhere within the comic. This is important. Besides the table of contents, this PLUGS YOU. If you wanna do something like put your webcomic address at the bottom of every page, then that works too. Again, it's your pages. ALSO… if a creator-owned piece is done, a Pin-Up or an intro comic featuring the D4K characters by you, the artist would need to be done. It can be simple, a gag-a-day strip, a full page of bad jokes, or whatever.

3) Fan-Art Pin-Ups
This can work both ways.
a) Creator-Owned Pin-Up: 2 Creator-Owned Pin-Ups are allowed but must be followed by one D4K Pin-up. Make sure that on each pin-up it has your webcomic HQ/name, your name, or anything else to promote you.
b) D4K Pin-Up: Only 2 D4K-Pin-Ups are needed, but again, make sure you include your info on the pinups to promote you.

But wait, does this means that you, Nick Nitro aka D4K Studios owns the art in the book? Or owns the comic strip or anything else of creator owned properties?
NO!!!! The only thing that I own is the Intellectual Properties of the Dribble For Kids gang, the logo and name “D4K Presents” and any art I myself do. You OWN your ART and CHARACTERS, BUT…

The only rights I reserve on said art is to print online on Drunk Duck “Dribble For Kids Presents” and in print form in a D4K Presents, with the right of linking to said online link, or promoting the book in general. (If that is the case, the creator would be notified IMMEDIATELY and no profit from said ad would benefit anyone besides generally selling the book for whoever is selling it at the time…) Contracts will be mailed out to all of you who agree which you can sign to hold yourselves and myself accountable for all this. I want to make this good for all of us. I want you to know that if I screw it, you have proof of such, and vice versa. This is suppose to be good for ALL of us.

Not Bad. I'm still in. But Wait! What is the format?! B&W? Color? Page Length for those of us not doing Pin-Ups, etc?!?!!
Printing in Color is Expensive. It hampers any profit we could make. I hate to say it, but, we're going in B&W. At least, for right now. It does not mean I suggest doing your work without color. Again, D4K Presents on Drunk Duck could show the color, but the book it would be in greytones. But hey, it just means more $$ for you!!

Page Length is something I am not sure on. For those attempting stories of any caliber, the bare set is anywhere from 6 pages and above. In a perfect world, I'd like 10 + but… if we get enough people, I can lower the page length down.

So When Are You Getting This Show On the Road?!
Right Away! I know I am going to The Mid-Ohio Comic Con in November of 2007, and I'd love to get this book out there, or at least, I'll try to go to MegaCon again either as myself with my friend, or be with NightGig Studios!!! Also they have cons all year round and towards winter is where they begin to pick up abit! A final date when they need to be in is currently TBA though.

When Will We Know if It's A Full Go, Sir?
I'll private quack you or post updates on here…

What are the page specs?
I will include them here.


What If I Don't Want to Accept Your Offer?
Just give me the courtesy to say ‘hey man, leave me be, I don’t wanna do it.'

Is there some sort of theme of the book?
Not really. While in some cases it can be interesting to do something like that, on the other end, I think it might limit the potential of fun and storytelling abilities. But that's just me.

Will you limit any content within the book on D4K/creator-owned stories?
To a small degree, yes. With the name “Kids” in the title, I am very honest to say that D4K is not for kids, but as such, I promote a PG-13 attitude. If it can't be done on Futurama or The Simpsons, then don't do it.

Being the case, do you have final say on the content of the short stories/strips?!
Unless it goes over a PG-13-like rating, then I am just staying out of it unless I have an issue with your pages you are sending me for printing(or online publishing) purposes.

I feel that if you wanna do a story about the evils of George W. Bush or whatever hot-button topic is out there, do it, but make sure it is something that could be viewed on Futurama or The Simpsons but besides that, I don't care, as it's your art and it's whatever you are projecting into the book, as it's selling you and your work. I am only offering a means of showing people it.

Are you my spell checker?

Being an editor would usually encompass such, yes, but in this case, I can barely correct spelling in my own comic. While in the proof I am ordering of the book, I will try to go over any ‘spelling errors’ or what not to get corrected in time, but at the same time, if you send it to me, it's what i'm publishing. So just a heads up.

If I do a D4K-Story, what do you mean by being all “Matt Groening”?
Well, if what he says is correct, he acts as for the writers, an occasional editor/guide for how the characters should act.

for example, while the Jimmy character is very open about his feelings, etc, at the same time, he would not throw the word ‘Love’ around, even if it was to cheer Nathan up. Jimmy is naive, but he is also Nathan's brother, saying your feelings to a loved one doesn't go well for the Krahuliks. when author james dailey wrote a script for an upcoming issue, he had the characters Nick and Jimmy throw the phrase around a bit too much. Acting as a “Matt Groening”-like sage, I just said “that's not in character” and went on my way.

What if we don't want your Matt Groening-like wisdom on my D4K submission?
Then the D4K story is simply not cannon. I really dug the books by Peter Laird and Kevin Eastman on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles back in the day, books like Plastron Cafe and Tales of the TMNT. Plastron and Tales were books that gave opther artists and writers chances to do TMNT stories. Some were cannon and approved by Eastman and Laird (usually most of Tales), others were not (most of Plastron). Both books are honestly inspirations for me doing this project.

But the point was, Eastman and Laird loved what the other artists did or attempted, even if it wasn't cannon, and it was all about having fun! Which is what I'd like this project to be! :)

remember, if you have any questions, I'll post a response to them up here! I am very excited about everyone's interest and others' confirmed involvement! Awesome!
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