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Update for 22nd May '07
Commander_Chaos at 1:28AM, May 22, 2007
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So, the forum is finally up and running! I've restructured it with a much better system - I've also gotten rid of the homepage thing as it was a bitch to customize.
This month nothing particularly outside of regular updates will occur, and I probably won't be online to talk very much through June, as I have exams. For those playing the home game, these exams are called A2s, and they're the final part of my A-level courses, the grades of which will get me into Uni or damn me to an eternity of manual labour.

So, yeah…

Anyways, I do hope people use this forum, as tbh that's what DD is all about, the whole community bit. And let's be honest, spriter's don't get much respect in the actual DD Forums. This area here is where I'll post updates like this'n, and also any proposed story arcs for you guys to give your two cents on.

Peace out, CC
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