End of Digimon Elements
TakeshiG at 10:09AM, Nov. 5, 2008
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- Info about the digimon.

- Info about the characters

- Info about the world and the story

At long last has DE reached it's end. I have been working on it for more than one year, but now it is time to move on.

Thank you for reading and commenting, everyone! I hope you will continue reading my future stories as well.

As to this page:
I always like a happy ending. ^.^ This shows us the kids five years later. Hitoshi is already 20, while Souta, the youngest, is 13. Yes, they have met their partners again and more adventures await. I have not decided what lies ahead of them, so just use your own imagination. ^.^

If you want to know any official pairings then PQ me. ^//^

It's a bit sad for it to end, but this is the goal I have worked for. I didn't want to make one of these neverending things. Well, maybe SST will become like that, who knows?
I will probably continue for a while to make some “fillers” on Elements Classic for a time. So, if you want to see more of the kids check in there sometime!

I don't know why, but for some reason Ikumi-chan became one of my favourite characters. Maybe because she is as nerdy as me?

I think I depicted Maiko a bit older than she actually is. Then again, girls do grow faster than boys, so it might actually be right.

If you want to know, on the page above the ages are:
Shiro - 14
Ikumi - 18
Maiko - 15
Takeshi - 18
Hitoshi - 20
Fu-Leng - 16
Souta - 13

Yes, there is a big difference in ages. (that makes the pairings funny. ^.^

Well, I will have to end this comment soon. Probably no-one is reading anymore.
So, just enjoy this and tell me what you think about the page and the comic overall! (though I don't take critic very well…..) ~.~

All right,
I hope to see you around elsewhere.
Sayonara! *bows* ,,^0^,,
~Genshoku Takeshi~

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