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All right folks. Here is all that didn't fit into my profile page. My fav animes, mangakas, books etc.

Favourite Anime: Digimon japanese version. (as you might have noticed) It has good plots and morals and can get pretty dark at times (just how I like it) and the claim that it's a children's show is unjustified.
Also: El Hazard - The Wanderers (less skin than the original, also sweeter and maybe more childish). Detective Conan (Case Closed - maybe a bit too gory though). Steel Angel Kurumi (a few skin scenes. but very sweet and funny. the ending gets very dramatic. love the OVAs). Slayers tv series (always funny and dramatic). Excell Saga (except for the stupid bonus episode it was great and hillarious). Galaxy Angel (always good for a laugh). Final Fantasy Unlimited (very confusing but very dramatic. i love this kind of stories). School Rumble (funny, very funny).

Favourite Mangakas: Akamatsu Ken (aaarg, beware, too much skin. but otherways great and uplifting stories). Tachigawa Megumi (a bit girly but mostly very sweet. especially her short stories). Takahashi Rumiko (love especially the older works like Urusei Yatsura. but the new stuff isn't bad either). Hitoshi Okuda (His Tenchi Muyo mangas are cute, funny, sad, dramatic. All of that. That's what makes a great storyteller). CLAMP (need I say more than Tsubasa?).

Favourite Books and Tales: (besides the scriptures) The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. Broken Sky. Napoleonskjoelin. The Little Mermaid and many other stories by Hans Christian Andersen.

Favourite Movies: A bunch of Disney movies like Mulan and Aladdin, the whole Star Wars Saga, the Spiderman movies, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, The Last Samurai, Astropia, Frequency, Pirates of the Carrebean…

Favourite Series: See Animes above, Powerpuff Girls, a buncha Disney Cartoons like Barbarian Dave and Gummi Bears, Stargate SG1, Narnia - The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe (old british series), Columbo, Monk, Kyle XY, ST Voyager, Il etait une fois… (Once upon a time…), …

Favourite Music: (Mostly Anime backgroundsongs, openings, closings, character and evolution themes) Digimon Songs: ; DoCo Songs; Eurovision Songs: ; traditional icelandic songs: ; and of course my church and choire music! ^^

Favourite Mythologacal (and otherwise nifty) creatures: Dragons (allways my nr.1), Digimon, Vampires, Balrogs, Goblins, Trolls, Elves, Hidden People, Phoenix and Ho-O(no, not the pokemon), Gargoyles, Midgardsormur, Fenrisulfur, Sleipnir, …

Favourite Food: different European Pancakes, Spetzle (german noodle-like), Prince Polo (Polish chocolate), Draumur and Florida (Icelandic chocolates), all sorts of Pasta (italian, duh), Pizza Hawaii and Florida, Pudding, homemade Riceballs and Sushi (japanese), Fishballs (icelandic), Meatballs, …

My travels: I love traveling and have been to a lot of places. But only once outside Europe though.
This year (2007): Iceland, Finnland (twice), Norway, (through) Sweden, Denmark.
Earlier: Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Marocco (Arabic Africa), Iceland, Sweden, Swiss, England.

I think that's about all I'll tell you for now. This should be enough for all you stalkers and secret agent guys to find me. :P
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