Portcon Maine 2007 -- REANIMATED
The Joel at 4:15PM, June 25, 2007
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Lemme start by saying.. holy crap.

Until recently an anime convention was all but a myth to me. And now that I've been to one, I can say that I have never been more confused.

Day one: We arrived at the Sheradon hotel, Forbidden from our rooms until 3PM. So that gave me time to change into my cosplay and look around to take things in. There were rooms for movies, tabletop games, CCGs, Art display, and panels for webcomic artists and voice actors, not to mention the vendor's area. There wasn't much going on the first day though, so I sat down and played some Smash Bros, hit the pool, bought myself a hoarde of FullMetal Panic manga and called it a day. There were six people in our room, one of which was a panelist in the artist alley (www.aloneishness.karudon.com). I called the chair and slept pretty soundly.

Day two seemed less chaotic. I entered myself in the Smash Bros. tournament , and me and Luigi made it to the semi-finals before finally being stomped out. We ate at TGI Friday's and then hung around until late, when they started the showings of Hellsing. Poker followed that up in the hotel room, and although we played with spare change, I wiped the floor with the lot of ‘em. and I hate gambling with cash.

Day three was the winding down. We packed everything up, took one last visit to the artists and VAs, gave our hugs and said our goodbyes, and went home. Stuff happened in between, I think, but I was too tired to put it to memory. All in all it was a fun experience, and I’d love to go to another con soon.
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